Monday, December 22, 2008

musical & party...

... was the theme for the weekend

Mamma Mia! is definitely the BEST musical ever! The musical is quite different from the movie version and i like the musical 10000 times better than the movie! :D What is so amazing about this musical is, they used minimal props and they were able to change the prop in different direction to make it look as if like a different scene! :D we arrived Istana Budaya about 1 hour earlier and we started camwhoring. But the end result wasnt that good :P Anyway, it was so good that everytime they finished a song, we burst into applause :D and then at the end of the show, everyone was standing up for ovation and we were entertained with 2 more songs and that's when everyone went crazy and shouted and sang along and dance along! it was damn amazing la! :D

after the musical, both minger and i needed to rush. me to art's place for the gathering and her to jaw's place for another party.

Party/gathering @ Art's place was.. erm.. weird? before going over there, called Art only to find out that he has forgotten to get a few stuffs and he asked me to help him get before going over. so after minger dropped me at home, changed to something cooling and grabbed the vodka, i went off to carrefour to get the stuffs. by then, i was damn sleepy already... coz not enough sleep and coz i've gave all my energy in Mamma Mia shouting and singing and dancing :P. anyway, head over to Art's place and met up with some old friends.....

ok, the above entry is crappy. damn hard to blog when i do self censorship. here's what i felt exactly when i reach home that nite:

Note: Mamma mia the musical was so Damn fantastic! It is definitely the best musical ever! :-) went to art's place for a party just now and i m either very tired or his wife gets on my nerves. Got interrogated by her and SL (whom i've not met for the past 10yrs) about my life and how they think i should live my life which ended up making me feeling Damn crappy about myself! The best part was, 3 yrs ago when i went over to their place to hang out, she did EXACTLY the same thing! Asking EXACTLY the same thing! Damn wtf, right? What is wrong with these people, man?! Did she see me telling her how to lead her life and not be such irritating person? Did she see me telling her how to be a better mother and discipline her child better?! Who the Fuck does she think she is prying into my business? Grrr!

but i m no longer feeling pissed and indignant la... i mean afterall, how often do i see them? :D

wei... i really wanna blog somemore leh... work is piling up....

things i've learned that nite:

1. the guy whom i had an itsy bitsy tiny little crush on whom i've kissed when we were drunk, turn out to be gay =.="
2. the girl whom i've always think is one of the prettiest girl in my hometown, who can get any guys she want, ended up falling for a guy who doesnt give a shit about her.

On another note:

i was telling small cow how i almost vomit blood daily coz there is this colleague of mine always 'talk back' at me, so on saturday, here's the conversation:

after a round of talking back at me,

big cow: wei... why everyday also wanna make me vomit blood one??
finger: where got where got? (and proceed in peering into my cubicle in search for blood)
big cow: ........

then another round of talking back later,

big cow: finger! vomit blood alre! stop it!
finger: where got so much blood to vomit oh?
big cow: .................

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