Saturday, December 20, 2008

a night with small cow....

..... resulted to a night full of stomachache and tears! - laugh too much, that is :P

so small cow was telling big cow about this couple who is married for a long long time. the husband is not working and the wife is supporting the whole family. what is so unique about this couple is, the wife is an indian and the husband a chinese (i know i know, mixed marriage aint unique), but the twist is, the husband is uneducated... which leads me to ask this:

big cow: waitaminute, how does the husband and wife communicate if the husband is uneducated? speak malay ah?
small cow: bit bit of english la
big cow: o.O... wah... not bad sial...
small cow: that's why chicken and duck CAN get married! *grins*
big cow: and the children will be chucks!
small cow: -.-"
small cow: ........
small cow & big cow: *burst into laughter*

erm.... after typing it out, it doesnt sound funny anymore hor?


wokie la... counting down the hours to Mamma Mia! :D 2.5hrs more!!!

woooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo! :D


  1. no leh... im still laughing in office leh... lol...

  2. i suddenly miss watching movies with all of u at Gardens... :(

  3. oh oh... R just said Yes Man damn nice! :D
    ok la. i think i beginning to flood ur comment box liao. haha...

  4. wah... suddenly my blog so happening, got comments wor... :P