Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big Cow....

... slept too much :( damn blur now....

attempted cooking dinner for LM and i last nite.... hiak hiak hiak.... none of us got poisoned... so it's all good :D kena conned by my mom... called her to ask her 1 small bowl of rice is sufficient for 2 people's porridge or not... and she said not enough, need 1.5 small bowl. so i also happily cook la.... next thing i know... wah lau eh! damn alot wei! macam can makan for 5 people! anyway, forgotten to take pix of the food coz, i dont know... i guess i was in a couldnt care less mood :P i guess the only cooking part was that 'Chai Poh Omellette' and that porridge... :P the other dish was just canned lettuce with a twist (tambah cili padi and finely sliced onions) which i've learned from Koontu :D. Overall, the preparation time takes less than 30mins and i was pretty proud of it la :D

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