Thursday, September 4, 2014

Half assed attempt to blog

So much to talk about but I don't knw where to start -.-"""

I was, for a moment, inspired to talk about Small Cow's blog post on loaning people money since one of the scenario she blogged about was based on my experience which I shared with her.

But I got lazy.

Then I wanted to blog about evangelists who criticizes other religions just to try to convince me to go to their church. But I think I will get more and more upset if I type on. I firmly believe in religion freedom and I don't appreciate people putting other religions down just to convince others that their beliefs are THE ONLY BELIEFS IN THIS WORLD. The funny thing is, I am a Christian, but I refused to go to the churches here coz I find most of the church members super hypocritical and judgmental. And I told them so and that I don't accept that I need to go to church just to be a Christian. I thought it's all about your personal relationship with God and not with the church members? Ya, The Bible did say that we should all congregate and worship God together and treats all church members as family. But why would I wanna join a congregation who backstab each other, has affairs with each other and condemn others when they themselves are so damn fucked up? 

I will not continue further coz I am getting increasingly pissed off.

Then I wanted to blog about the food that I have rediscovered in this small town, but I am too lazy to download the pix from DropBox.

I also wanted to talk about my suspicion on contaminated water in this small town since there are more and more people I knw that has cancer. But no one takes me seriously and I am far too lazy to investigate further with maps and such to prove my theory has some basis.

Then there is the topic of friendship which I have been irked by some people's behaviours, but who the fuck am I to judge and say that what they do is wrong?

I also wanted to show the cakes that I have baked thus far but they turn out pretty ugly but yummy :) my housemate and his gf even told me that the cake taste better than store bought! Wah wah wah... Super kembang wei me! :D

But I am too lazy to do a proper bake post coz honestly speaking hor, I cheated by using premixed from the baking supplies shop :p

I also wanted to talk about my business and the challenges and frustrations but that will upset me more

So conclusion is, I have wasted your time for typing non conclusive post and I bet it will make you not read my blog ever again! :D

*curtsy* exits blog


  1. Good to see you putting up a post! :)

  2. thank you, mun! i m surprised you still read my blog :D