Thursday, November 13, 2014


i m re-reading my old Xanga posts which i have decided to finally download and upload it to a wordpress. and i can conclude these:

1. i was super fucking angry and negative last time!! omg! i wish to slap my old self!

2. i got reminded of why ifer and i are no longer friends. and it still hurts reading them

3. i confirm got a memory of a goldfish! omg! i was reading the part of my 1st retrenchment and what did my "good friend" did to us. and i feel damn stupid now that i actually joined back and worked under her for a year plus! and those posts proves that she hasnt change one bit! maybe her bitchiness became more refine la. but the old her punya bitchiness was pretty stupid :P

4. i found out my Omerta Family names and my old Omerta friends' names! :D

5. I wish there is a "click all" function to change all the private posts to password enable!! so that i can read the posts easier :P maybe got la... but honestly too malas to check it out.

6. i have a total of 1374 posts since 2002 :O

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