Monday, August 19, 2013

Singapore short trip 16-18 Aug (1st post from blogger app)

Just came back from a weekend of fun with the karchengs at Singapore. Went there to celebrate popo's 88th birthday.

It was really great bonding with the karchengs! 

The party was held at Taiku's house. The main food was wrap your own popiah and 2 kinds of laksas (Singapore & Johor) and a host of other makanan sampingan contributed by a host of people. Yup! Waaayyyyy too much food for less than 40 people!! :D 

Despite all these food, I only ate 2 popiah a and 4 pie tees. And drank lotsa fluid. Why? Coz my throat decided to sore and my voice decided to take a vacation!! :p

The karchengs initially wanted to go somewhere to hang out to bond after the paty ends but we decided to stay in and party at The Attic @ Greenleaf instead ;) yup, taiku's house is huge and has an Attic that has been transformed to the entertainment room that comes with a well stocked bar (think countless bottles of reds whites champagne baileys of all flavors etc). And we even have a resident DJ spinning retrolicious records!!! ;)

We also ate a lot of food... Too lazy to describe.... Here are some of the food we managed to take ;)

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