Sunday, May 19, 2013

RIP Papa Ang

My dad left us on 11th May 2013 at 9am.

Been super busy since then. Actually, been super busy since he was hospitalized on the 6th May 2013.

I miss him terribly.

I believe he did came back on the 7th day of his passing coz the tv in his room (i sleeps in his room now) suddenly turn on at 3something in the morning.

I am a little pissed with him for being stubborn for refusing to draw up a will. My bro and i have been running around trying to salvage whatever little assets he has before being frozen by the government.

pls draw up a will asap. seriously, dont be selfish.

i still miss him terribly.

today is the 9th day, and i still cry when i wake up this morning.

i miss papa so much

i believe things happens for a reasons.

i accepted Christ by my dad's coffin on 13th May 2013. i believe in Him. i cant fight it anymore. there were too many signs prior to it.

i miss papa. i want to be reunited with him and kong kong next time after my work is done here.

i took over papa's business coz no one want to take over. i m jobless anyway... see? things happens for a reason, right? if i didnt get retrenched, i wouldnt have the chance to spend my time with papa for almost a month before his passing. i know i could have done better - i could have come back earlier instead of bumming in kl for 2 weeks. anyways, i still feel like God is planning all these for me. i will accept it.

i know i dont really sound coherent right now. i m having another episode of mental diarrhea. wanted to blog for the longest time but couldnt find the time

tomorrow will be the 1st day i will officially start work as the Managing Director of papa's company. title sound so canggih, but i m having self doubt. i m scared i cannot handle it :(

i wish there is high speed internet here.

things i have learned so far:

1. Funeral is very expensive. Even if it is a simple short 3 days one.
2. You can choose to cremate your body and tumpang your urn in your loved one's grave to save space and money.
3. drawing up a will is super important transfer car's ownership, the owner needs to be alive and do a sumpah that he/she is alive =.=""
5. Etiqa do not have a branch or agent in Kluang. the nearest is in Batu Pahat.
6. money is the root to all evil
7. Kluang should rename it's name to Nyamuk
8. losing a loved one is super painful. words cant describe how painful it is.
9. it is not ok to lose contact with a close friend and then suddenly reappear in her life when you heard her dad is critically ill / passed away. the hurt of you abandoning your friend despite numerous attempts by her to keep in contact with you is too great. you suddenly appearing in her life when she is in her utmost down time is not ok. it doesnt make you a better friend.
10. we should respect the bereaved and not shop for the deceased's medicines before the deceased is even buried.
11. the Palliative Care team lead by Dr. Lam and the Oncologist Dr Adlinda from  UMMC are the best! They have been super supportive eventhough dad was already back in Kluang.
12. My mom wants her tombstone to be in pink color
13. My dad is well loved by everyone. We have not expected such a huge turn up for the 3 days service. Relatives comes as far as Alor Setar just to attend his wake & funeral
14. We owe so many people gratitude that it is impossible to pay back this life time
15. word is cheap.
16. papa's last words to me through Pastor Victor (also his cousin - my uncle) is i m not focus but i have a beautiful heart. - i think i m not worthy of this description.

i miss papa.


  1. Of course you are worthy. U hv done so much better than most of my family anyway... :)

    1. Thks babe....:) pls find me if u r ever back in Kluang! :)

  2. Please accept my deepest condolences to you and your family.