Thursday, April 25, 2013

long over due...

... update

so much has changed until i dunno where to start.

December long break - first experienced popo's craziness. she is getting from bad to worst.

January - crazy bitch boss' craziness got worst.

dad finally decided to make an appointment with University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC). the doctors are incredibly nice and patience!

Eunice, Nigel and my darling Aloysius came back from Hong Kong and Aloy stole everyone's hearts away!! nah show u his pic... how not to love him?? :P

had a life and death scare. entrusted a distant aunt to bring dad to kluang hospital for blood transfusion and she made it to be such life and death situation and insisted that we better go back and spend final moments with him. i was in a panic mode and i was broke and didnt have the $ to go back to kluang and i couldnt think of anyone to borrow the money from and tried to ask crazy boss. she wanted me to teman her makan dinner 1st only think about it. at the same time i spoke to taiku and we were baffled how did his condition became so bad so fast? it was just a simple case of blood transfusion ma.... so taiku rushed back to kluang first to see the situation. she say if need to only she ask me to go back. in the mean time i still need to swallow my pride and makan with the crazy boss hoping to borrow the measly RM150. of coz in the end she didnt lend me and thank goodness it was a false alarm. yes, that distant aunty is pretty evil to do that to us.
Dad did his 1st radiotherapy by end of January and admitted to the Palliative Care Ward at UMMC for 6 days. His spirits were high.

February: my bro came back from USA. been ages since we met up! he shared his testimonials with me about God. somehow i still dont feel the affinity. it's the 1st CNY he is celebrating with us since he left for USA 20 yrs ago! dad's condition got worst. loads of unnecessary dramas happened. all created by crazy popo.

job got worst. crazy bitch boss got crazier. i almost quit.

dad came to kl for his monthly check up and dad was very weak.

quit smoking

March: work still hellish. more war between the crazy bitch and i. i actually finally snapped and told her off coz she actually hold the releasing of equipment for my project thus making the customer complain like crazy to her and she pushed all the blames to me. yup. evil bitch. and she got the ISP to not cooperate with me. how bloody unprofessional, no?

dad got weaker. and got hospitalized in kluang again. i suspected the people in kluang is not giving his meds correctly as when i am around or taiku is around or my bro is around, we dont see him suffer so much until need to be admitted to the hospital. it is always when we are not in kluang, he got admitted to hospital. i was at the verge of quitting and moving back to kluang for good to take care of him

April: most exciting month thus far. i got retrenched on 1st. :D i am a collateral damage. they wanted to get rid of the crazy bitch so they restructure and close our department. yay.

i see the whole retrenchment as a blessing in disguise. it's God's way of telling me to go back and take care of my dad. so i wasnt too upset. until things started to unravel and i found out i was unlawfully made redundant. at this point of time i am still considering if i should file a report against them. too much factors to ponder. my priority is my dad now.

dad is getting very very very bad. he has been admitted to the hospital for the past 8 days now. he did a 2nd radiotherapy and it seems worst. he has gotten so weak to the extend that he cant even pull himself outta bed. i have to carry him. he soiled himself and i have to wash his soiled underwear. he got very depressed and i got even more depressed. everyone has been telling me how good a daughter i am. i heard it 3 times today. honestly, i rather be a horrible bad daughter and have a healthy father. i had a breakdown the other day. couldnt stop crying all the way back from the hospital.

to date, 5 ppl have passed away in the ward since dad admitted in last wednesday. dad's room mate is depressed and suicidal. it's not really a good environment to be in at the moment :(

one of my childhood icon, Huang Wen Yong passed away. RIP, Ah Sui! :(

my highschool guy bestfriend / love interest is back for holidays from Melbourne and we met up tonite. we realized it has been 10yrs since we last met. and he has the pleasure to embarrass me with one of the many love letters i have written to him. i didnt even want to read it coz i m super embarrassed coz i know the contents - although i m trying my level best to forget that part of my life!! grrr... i warned him, if 10 yrs later we meet up and he still bring these out to meet me, i will shave off his hair! grrr... gosh the mere thoughts of the contents of those letters makes me wanna dig a grave and jump in and bury myself in it!

the 13th Election is coming real soon and i seriously cant wait to cast my votes - yes, for those uninformed, it is plural.... coz we will cast for state and also parliament! :D

i shall end this post with this. who do you think i will vote? :D


  1. Hang on there Big Cow. It's part and parcel of life and it will pass. :) And yes, you have been made redundant unlawfully and you have a right to bring it on to the labour department. Did they compensate you for the retrenchment? And, in future, if you need help again, just buzz me. I am just a stone throw away. :)

  2. Thks babe :) would love to visit u when the baby pops out ;)