Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Updates from Kluang!

I am currently on a super loooong leave in Kluang being my parents' personal driver.

The 1st day (18th Dec 2012) i was back, this is what i did

Woke up at 7.30am, went breakfast with dad, popo, grandaunt Molly, granduncle Peter, grandaunt Lucy and Grandaunt Ngor Yee (forgotten her Christian name :P), went to dad's office for 2hrs, then drove dad to do some banking, go back to popo's place for lunch, went home to rest, went to the bank and TM Point to run another round of errand, went home to rest (and i got pissed off with an exclassmate in FB which resulted in me cyber bullying him like mad and our other exclassmates joined in and some even called me to bitch about him :P), sent my mom and ah ma to cut hair, send them back, drove around kluang for dinner, brought dinner back to popo's place, ate and talk to another ex classmate who wanted to bitch more about him :P by the time i finally finished eating dinner, i realized everyone is asleep. at 9pm =.="""" i continue reading my novels (i brought 12 books back and i was already half way into my 1st book in less than 24hrs i am in  Kluang!) and texting Sayang :P

The next day, again woke up at 7.30am and ate breakfast at home before bringing dad to the hospital to kiasuly put his name there to be the 1st patient to see the urologist. went to steal 4 biji of cikus (my dad's idea) then went back to popo's place to rest for awhile before going to the hospital again. after hospital, went for lunch near popo's place then came back to skype with my brother. i am officially in love with his maltese - Snowball :P we chatted quite long. after that, had some fruits, played some FB games then took an afternoon nap only to be woken up by some judgmental bitch =.=" lepak around the house, then got ready to go AGAPE Shelter for some Christmas celebration. After that, went to look for my favourite tong sui shop :P then came back. and again, at 9pm, they all went to sleep. why like that???

tomorrow gotta wake up at 7.30am - AGAIN. this time bring papa to Simpang Rengam for his Boys Brigade meeting =.="

the good news is, some old friends and karchengs will be coming back next week! yay! :D

damn boring ah!

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