Sunday, September 16, 2012


i think i am too gungho about KSK for my own good. in a good way.

Slept at 3.30am yesterday morning and woke up at 7.15am to rush to get ready and head over to Puchong to fetch Kaima. Why? Coz we volunteered to go with KSK to Kg. Sungai Dua Bentong to distribute food to the orang asli.We arrived KSK 9mins late only to find the gang are all still having breakfast at our usual yunchar place, ZamZam Restoran 2 doors away. after breakfast, they helped to load the packets of rice grains, the say no to hunger thingie that we helped packed in March at Nottingham University Malaysia, cartons of water and goody bags. yep, they. not me. why? there were too many people forming a line to pass the stuffs and i couldnt squeeze in. :p after loading and a short briefing on who jump into which car, we left KSK at 9.30am. We arrived at destination at around 11pm. Why so long? coz we were convoying and the lorry couldnt drive fast especially uphill. Upon arrival, we prepare our booth, some were delegated to be photographer, some were delegated to hang up the posters and others were just keeping busy with stuffs. the health minister came at 1pm and after some speeches, we started to distribute cooked food. and then we took our lunch. which is the same food as what they are eating. now we know how the clients feel :D after lunch, there were photo sessions and then pack up. by the time we left Kg Sungai Dua, it was already 2.45pm. We head over to Bentong to have the original ice kacang.... we have been con. Ko Pow is not the original one. Ko Pow is the brother of the original (TAK Corner - i think) which the locals go to. we were treated by the Health Minister's secretary. After ice kacang, he brought us to the taupok factory to buy the famed taupok. by the time we left Bentong, it was around 4ish. Arrived KSK at around 5.30pm. Sent Kaima back and by the time i arrived Ara Damansara, it was already 6.30pm.

I tried to rest as i gungho-ly volunteered to do the weekly saturday nite rounds as well :p. but i failed miserably trying to rest and left house at 7.45pm to go fetch Felicia. Rush down to KSK to grab a quick bite at the nearby wai sek kai and then go back to KSK to help out.

We left KSK for our rounds slightly before 11.30pm. i did Tun Perak route tonite and Fel did Honda. 3 IMU students approached us telling us that they are trying to do a survey on the clients and make a report to send to the government to apply for aids for the clients. they even helped us in giving out food. as we left KSK late, most of the clients were asleep and didnt want the food. finally met the "Ngau Kee Popo". She stay in a tiny (2m x 2m) partitioned room above Ngau Kee beef noodles at Tengkat Tong Shin. In the end we had excess of 11packets of wet food, 6 loaves of bread and 5 oranges. when we arrived KSK at 1.30am, we were the last to arrive and Fel has already gone home without informing me and when i called her, she rejected my call and sent me an angry bbm for making her wait like a fool since 12.15am. like it's my fault? she was the one who requested to be on a separate route as me and she finished her round early, just wait at the mamak and hang out with the rest of the volunteers la. is it my fault she is so bitter and unhappy and hates almost all the volunteers that's why she dont wanna hang out at the mamak? she did Tun Perak route before and knows it takes time to distribute the food. i honestly cannot understand why is she such a selfish person who dont have an ounce of empathy and yet still volunteer at KSK.

anyways, that aside, it was really a great fun fulfilling day of volunteering today :D will i do it again? hell ya! provided it's a long weekend again la... at least still can recuperate :P

i m dead tired. gotta wake up at 12pm to fetch Linda to airport... end of update.

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