Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Loh Mai Kai without Kai

i love loh mai kai (glutinous rice chicken)! but i dont like the kai (chicken) that comes with it. i always thought i am the only weird one who dont like the kai coz people around me seems to eat the kai with out any issues... so i updated the status in FB and i was surprised there were a lot of people in my friends list who is like me, dont like the kai in loh mai kai :D

then i started to ponder... will my usual loh mai kai uncle think i m crazy if i specially order loh mai kai without kai? after almost 2 weeks later, i decided to pluck the courage to ask the uncle... he say can, but can only collect 2 days later. it was the longest 2 days of my life :D i drag minger to happily go and collect my loh mai kai without kai only to be disappointed coz uncle forgotten my order :(

took down uncle's number and he asked me to call him today to remind him. just now at 2pm, i called him and he told me he made already and i can collect it tonight :D

so super happy! and... here it is!!

Verdict? Damn nice!! but damn filling la! coz he replace the kai with more glutinous rice and mushrooms :D this is not vegetarian at all coz he still uses the chicken gravy to flavour the rice :D

now am gonna ask people around me who wants this to tell me so that i can order in bulk with uncle :D

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