Sunday, August 12, 2012

KSK - Petaling St Route (UPDATED)

I have finally done Petaling Street route!! :D

I super enjoy this route coz i got to walk alot!! :D Petaling St route is split into 2 sections. Outer and Inner. Did the inner route which is at the Jalan Sultan to dunno what jalan to somewhere near the Klang Bus Station to errr.... ok, i am not good with the roads name.... but it's within the Chinatown area la... :D

Apparently tonite's round is quite fast coz a lot of clients are not around. i think the authorities recently went to clear them off the street.

After our rounds, we met up with the outer route group at Pasar Seni LRT station and Poh Choo was talking to this uncle, Mansor (if i am not mistaken). I didnt really understand what were they talking about coz i didnt hear from the beginning. As we were leaving, Poh Choo told me about this uncle. He is a very kind man. He took care of this Indian lady who after a bout of high fever and got sent to the hospital and discharged, her characteristic became really child like and he took care of her. Recently, Pertiwi soup kitchen brought her away to put her at a welfare home in Rawang. And this uncle Mansor misses her a lot. That is really sweet of him. He himself is a homeless and there he is still take care of another homeless. *thumbs up uncle Mansor!*

Next, we went to the KTM station. Wah... there is another sad story. There is this young malay couple with a baby sleeping at the corridor of the station. They are still quite new to living on the street coz when we approached them to ask them if they wanna eat, the lady looked embarrassed but nod her head. my heart goes out to her :( and that place is infested with mosquitoes!! poor baby! Poh Choo did a great job by chatting up with them and found out that they are from Kedah and after a huge fight with their families, they packed up and came to KL, hoping to make a living here. Cliche but true, a lot of those rural areas people think that the roads in KL are paved with gold or something! One of the teammate commented that they told him last week that they will be taking a train back to Kedah soon. But they are still here. Poh Choo told us they are broke and cannot afford a ride back :( We couldnt help much, but Poh Choo called Justin Cheah (who were doing Chow Kit tonite) to bring them away to give them a roof over their head. We waited awhile and figure Justin must be still busy with his route and will only come later, so we went off to the final stop, the riverbank :D


KSK rescued the couple and the baby!! :D Here's the story (plucked from the KSK FB Page):

Off the streets - Stranded No More

Nazri and his family were stranded for more than a week in KL. Having used up all their money and failing to find a job in KL, they became homeless and stayed near KTM station for more than a week.

It was then our volunteers got to know them and Nazri's plight has been highlighted to the commitees.

With the help of KSK, this young couple is going back to Sg. Petani.

Picture showing the homeward bound family, Nazri and his family holding the train ticket back to Sg Petani to be reunited with his sister. He will stay in his sister's home for the time being and will be working as a renovation worker as soon as he's in Sg. Petani.

Riverbank is like a kampung by itself. There are at least 20 clients there! the lady with the snake is no longer there... but her snake has ran off. *shudders*

The pregnant lady has given birth and because she is an indonesian, got caught and is going to be deported back with the baby. The boyfriend didn't want her, but want the baby! i wonder what's her story. how did she ended up on the street? Maybe i will ask Poh Choo next week :D

Overall, i super enjoy this route. I think this is my favourite route of all :D

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