Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sambardi gonne get hurt reeeeaaaaallll baaaadddd

Yup!!!!!!! we went to the Russell Peters Notorious World Tour 2012 at Stadium Melawati just now and it's worth every single sen I've paid! :D Ok la, the organizers are not really good la. There were no proper barricade to queue up and ended up we queue in one huge spiral and when we were about halfway to the entrance, the bloody queue got split into half and those queue later than us got to go in 1st =.="

nope, that didnt spoil our mood at all :D everyone was friendly to each other. and it was quite a festive scene la :D

His jokes were pretty impromptu. Making fun of the audiences and we were amazed he knew the difference between Klang and KL!!! :D

Coz he was asking someone from the audience:

Russell: Which part of US are you from?
Guy: California
Russell: oh ok! Same place as i am from! Which part of Calirfornia are you from?
Guy: LA
Russell: oh! same as me! Which part of LA are you from?
Guy: Orange County
Russell: pfffft!! That's not LA! that's Orange County! It's like people from Klang says they are from KL!! pffftttt!!!!

We all laughed and cheered and clapped our hands like mad! i know i was laughing so hard until i was literally stamping my feet and my cheeks hurts like mad!!! :D

He has a very bad ADD. LOL! he was telling us stories about Jordan and suddenly half way, he got side tracked to other jokes then suddenly realised he havent tell finish the Jordan joke and went back and then suddenly got side tracked and never got back :P but all's good! i really enjoyed myself sooooo much!! :D

After the show ended, i saw a few ex colleagues! one of them were from ITT, and it was in ITT where i was 1st introduced to Russells Peters and i got hooked! :D You need to know how to laugh at yourself in order to enjoy the jokes. coz his jokes are usually either racist or sexist. :D

After the show, Minger and I decided to walk down to the Platinum side to take pix :D

The next time if he ever comes back, and if i can afford it, i will want to go to all his shows coz it's all different jokes since he is always getting side tracked!! :D

oh oh... btw, i might not be getting a Myvi... might go for Viva.... sigh... i am so easily swayed..... :P

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