Sunday, May 13, 2012

KSK - Sentul Route

is interesting.......

We were put with the legendary Justin Cheah :) Really nice fella.

Anyways.... it's my 1st time doing Sentul and it's pretty interesting. Why?

1. All the clients are old men except 2 old ladies
2. We saw a lot of prostitutes.
3. I think Justin and I had a sighting....=.="

I dunno how to start.... we were doing our rounds as usual, then we overshot and missed an old uncle who were sitting on the five foot way of a shop reading newspaper. Fel, who did the round before, told me that this uncle loves reading (instincts tells me she is just making it up and not 100% know). and she was driving following Justin's she started drama-ing asking me how come Justin aint stopping. like hell i know? since it's my 1st time doing Sentul & 1st time following Justin!

Anyways, as usual la... she likes to act like she knows everything. so i just shuddup and not say anything.

When we stop at one stop that had a lot of uncles, Fel told Justin of that uncle and he say we will save a set of food for him and will go after that stop. Somehow there were some miscommunications (which is always the case when doing rounds with Fel coz she dont listen, she always think she knows everything and she dont like to divulge information) and Justin thought we are short of food. So he told Kwok Wai to bring over their surplus food so that we can give as well.

After Kwok Wai delivered the food, Justin told us to clear all of it at that spot and just bring one set to the old uncle at the previous missed spot. So fine. We went, stopped the car, walked towards the five foot way, i saw uncle's knee and newspaper flipping we were about max 20meters away. Justin, who were about 10 feet away from me to the right, behind, saw the same thing. So all 5 of us walked there when we reached there, there werent anyone! then the other 3 suddenly only told both Justin and I they didnt see anyone and they just follow nia. wtf? i am still puzzled over this incident....

anyways, super annoyed with Fel as usual. seriously, i think she is fucking selfish and irresponsible. She stole about 8 packets of food from the kitchen that were meant for walk in clients. claiming that the 35 packets allocated for the route is definitely not enough coz the last time she went, the food were not enough, they ended up go tapau food from mamak. so she decided that she is allowed to break the rules and stole 8 packets. i was disgusted. honestly. then we found out there is a shortage of 68 packets of food, meaning to say, some routes will have to have less food. she kept quiet and didnt wanna take out the food. and we actually turn away a few walk in clients due to shortage of food!!fine... i no eyes see. then whilst distributing the food, she also never tell Justin how much food we have left and even when other team mates say the food is finishing, she also never reveal she still has excess food. And when Kwok Wai came to give food, she also didnt say anything. Anyways, we ended up having excess 3 packets of rice from Kwok Wai's route and i didnt know we have her stash of stolen food. Justin took the excess food from Kwok Wai and told us he will distribute it to his guard. And we all left.

Whilst she was driving, she revealed that she still has 3 more packets of rice that she stole from the kitchen. i was taken aback. my 1st thought was "wtf??? why didnt she say so earlier and distribute it out first???" then i thought "wtf is wrong with her?? why wanna steal food and deprieve other people from having the food??"

so we ended up rounding and rounding around kuchai lama and old klang road and finally found one uncle sleeping on one of the five food ways of some shop lots. so we left a set of food for him. then we went to PJ old town and finally gave the remaining 2 sets away.

on the way back, we talk about the old man which we  missed giving and she add on saying that the previous team leader that lead her the round told her specifically that this is one uncle that we cannot miss giving food and die die must give. making me feel damn sad we missed him. now thinking back, i think she is just making things up. yes, i dont trust her at all coz i caught her lying so many times just to make me feel guilty that i am fed up with her. then she add on saying that if she is that uncle, she will be super pissed. i told her if i am that uncle, i wont be pissed. i will just get disappointed that i didnt have any food. pissed? no. coz ksk do not owe me anything. sad? yes, coz i will go another day without any food. but pissed? nope!

anyway, ya, was just super disgusted with her so i just kept quiet the whole time. didnt wanna argue back coz she is so damn petty, she will get all offended and insulted for nothing.


anyways, ya... i m still puzzled... how come the uncle can vanished into thin air one??

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