Saturday, May 26, 2012

My little Maniam

Finally got my little Maniam yesterday!! :D Still cant believe i've finally got him. still cant believe i finally change car!! everytime i look at him, i cant stop grinning :D

Oh oh, less than 1 hr of me getting Maniam, he got blessed by birdshit =.=""

Anyways, that was the only good thing that happened yesterday. it was a full day of challenges at work. i ended up driving Maniam to 2 customers place and office and ended up reaching home around 3ish. almost 50% of our sites has issue yesterday.

ya.. it was quite a war zone. handphone ring nonstop, emails flying everywhere. driving here and there delivering hardwares and softwares. being a clown to entertain the customers whilst our engineers working on the issues.

but all's good la... now only left with 2 issues that requires the intervene of the power up above to resolve.. :P

i've got many stuffs to talk about but i m having a pounding headache.


  1. May I know why the car is named Maniam?

  2. becoz maniam in short is mani and sound like money and i can say i am riding on money? :p

  3. Congrats on Maniam my friend :)

  4. Thanks, babe! :) Bila free to meet up? :)