Wednesday, May 9, 2012


.... cant think of a suitable name for my new car :P

some (ok, prolly maximum 4) of you who bother to read my blog all the way back since Xanga days will know how did i come up with Murphy's name (wait... this is deja vu... did i blog about it here before?)...

i know a lot of ppl know my Kancil's name is Murphy, but not many ppl know the reason behind it... i think.... aiyah... my memory is so bad, i dont even remember if you all know or not...

anyways, way back in circa 2004, my luck was really bad. I was the epitome of Murphy's Law and i even call myself Murphy's bitch =.=" really one. anything bad that can go bad will definitely happen to me one. it's like a dark cloud is perpeptually hanging over my head.

it's not those major major bad luck stuffs. it's those minor minor stuffs that happens all my waking hours....


1. Go food court / kopitiam with a group of people, order even the simplest food like yong tau foo, i will wait a looooong time. sometimes after friends habis makan alre, my food also havent arrive =.="

2. when queuing in a long queue, when reach my turn, prolly what i wanna buy is sold out or the cashier is closed =.="

3. whilst staying with a bunch of friends years ago, where our apartment is always full of people and the doors are never closed / locked (true story!) coz there are bound to have people "nongkrong-ing" in the living room / balcony all the time. but on the days that i forget to bring the house keys out, i get locked out =.="

enough examples la, ok? anyways, my luck has changed so much that i suddenly feel that Murphy's Law has left me permanently!

so yea... i am in the process of finally getting a new car... in process la... still have to see loan approve or not (stupid HSBC forgotten to clear my name in Bank Negara after 1 year of me settling EVERYTHING!! - yes, FORGOTTEN! I went to Bank Negara a few weeks back to print my CCRIS report coz i suspected one of the banks didnt clear my name and true enough, HSBC didnt clear my name! After calling a few numbers, being transferred here and there, i finally spoke to one of the officers and she confirmed they have FORGOTTEN to clear my name =.="").

anyway, ya, if the loan approved, i will be getting a humble purple Myvi! and i cant think of an apt name for him! Any suggestions out there? :P

Tinky Winky?
Yhprum? - dunno how to pronounce also! :P is it eeeh-prraaamm / eeeh-prroooom ? :P
Brinjal / Eggplant?

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