Sunday, April 29, 2012

the day i took a walk downtown to sit down :P

it has been waaaaaayyyy too eventful of a day for me yesterday.

woke up around 7something to get ready to fetch ah mui at SS2 then head over to fetch Small Cow at Subang. Then shoot down to Bukit Jalil to meet up with abang and his friends.

small cow, ah mui and i were super excited and kancheong. after everyone has turn up (about 25 of us), we went up to the station to take a train down to Plaza Rakyat. The train ride was eventful coz seems like EVERYONE were heading to Plaza Rakyat as well. it was like an unspoken secret. i saw a couple bumped into on of their church mate and the conversation went like this:

Girl: hey! surprise to see you here!
Church mate: ya! how are you?
Girl: good! where are you going?
Church mate: i believe you know

they laughed, we sitting near them also started to giggle. the old lady sitting next to me were talking on the phone with her friend telling her friend that she is heading down to Plaza Rakyat to take a stroll.

As we reached Plaza Rakyat, the old lady next to me suddenly pat my shoulder and say "Good luck ah! Enjoy!" i was surprised and told her thank you and wished her luck too. then people standing in front of us suddenly took out their hands to shake hands with us and we wished each other luck :P

Love the atmosphere already!

As i was stepping outta the train, i told Abang what happened and he told me this is just the beginning. things will get even more festive as we reach Petaling St area.

True enough, we see groups and groups of people chanting "Hidup! Hidup! Hidup Rakyat! Hidup! Hidup! Hidup Bersih!" which prompted us to just chant together with them :) We saw a lot of reporters taking pictures. Everyone was in a happy and festive mood. Everyone was smiling. We even saw yellow angry bird balloons floating around which we found damn cute :D

As we already planned to go straight to Reggae Bar to hang out before taking a walk to Central Market, we marched on towards Jalan Tun HS Lee. We passed by a lot of policemen/women and they were not even mean or threatening. they were all smiling at us as well :) i was in high hope that this Bersih 3.0 will really be a peaceful one afterall! :)

After getting our tummy filled (the food is really not bad and really affordable! :D) and chatting and laughing, we left Reggae Bar at around 12.30pm.

We took a slow walk towards Central Market and were joined by more crowds. The marshalls were everywhere guiding us where to go. When we reached Central there were this group of people singing the patriotic song, "Prajurit Tanah Air" but since most of us do not know the words, we just listen and enjoy. Then they sang "Negara-ku" which all of us sang out loud, full of pride. I was telling abang they all, "Well, ah job kor wanted 1Malaysia, he should come see, this is truly 1Malaysia"

There were some speeches going on but we cant hear properly. The only thing we heard was "Hidup! Hidup! Hidup Rakyat" which we chanted together. When there were political chants, our group shuddup and didnt want to chant. This is not about politics. This is about having a clean and fair election leh :P both small cow and i cant see much most of the time. when there were a new wave of "VIPs" came, we cannot see who... coz we were short =.=" Small cow event lamented "sucks to be short!" and that prompted a lot of ppl around us laughing.

At around 1.45pm, we started to march towards Dataran Merdeka, we used Jln Tun HS Lee and as we were marching, i suddenly saw abang and his friends excitedly ran in front of us snapping pix and then Small Cow suddenly exclaimed "Aunty Bersih!!" true enough, she were just ahead of us :) i think she dont really like all these attention we were giving her :P oh oh... and we actually marched with some leaders (as i said, i am too short, i cannot see anyone :P), abang and his friend warned us that we are on the front line since we are marching with the leaders. which is potentially dangerous. :P

We reached Jalan Tun Perak not long later and decided to just hang out there. Sitting below the lrt track near Jalan Hang Lekiu for shades. everytime a a new wave of group passby (Anwar Ibrahim and what not), they will be chanting "Hidup! Hidup! Hidup Rakyat" and "Reformasi! Reformasi!" and we even sang the "Bersih Song" improvised by the football song. You know, the "Ole.... ole ole ole.... ole... ole" the whole song goes "Bersih..... bersih bersih bersih.... bersih... bersih" or something like that la :P

as we were just chillng, and suddenly abang they all noticed from a far that there were gas coming.... so he got all of us to walk briskly to Jalan Hang Lekiu to hang out whilst he go back to Jalan Tun Perak to see what's going on. He came back not long later to tell us that the organizer announced that since we cannot proceed to Dataran Merdeka, and we have already made out stand clear by turning up.

So we walked towards Plaza Rakyat under the scorching hot sun. When we arrived outside Plaza Rakyat station, we saw many people coming out and realised that the authorities have closed the station. wtf? as we were standing there discussing on what to do, should we walk to Hang Tuah station? Should we walk to the end of Jln Sultan to get a few cabs back to Bukit Jalil? Before we can even decide, we suddenly saw a lot of people running out of Jalan Tun Perak and then #@$#$#$%$^%^%^&^&^%&^%& THE FUCKING TEAR GAS HIT US!!!! Abang was gleefully telling us "Ok! at least you all first timer finally kena tear gas! this experience is complete!" =.=""

Not really strong though coz it was blown to our direction by the wind. and it still sucks wei! we took out the salt to put in our mouth and it really does help! :P so we decided we have to leave soon since the FRU seems to be approaching and shooting more tear gas canisters! Can hear the bang bang bang sound of the tear gas gun. We immediately walked towards Jalan Sultan to walk up Jalan Stadium to go to Hang Tuah's station. as we were at the corner of Jalan Sultan and Jalan Pudu, we went through a thick cloud of tear gas. OMG!!!!!! my eyes were stinging! small cow had difficulty breathing so she took out her container of salt to take it. i wanted some and like a sohai, i took out my hand waiting for her to pour to my palm and she went "just pinch it!! just pinch it!!!" we walked further and stopped at 5th Element Hotel and i used my towel to wipe the sweat off my eyes surrounding and suddenly this uncle came with a bottle of "miracle water" to put on my eyes and it will clear my vision in 30secs. he insisted it's harmless and wanted to show us by drinking it =.=" i took and put it on one of the eyes. it sting for awhile and felt better except that my vision got blured =.=" so we proceed in going thru back lanes up the hill, passby the Confusian School, YWCA & Davidson school and arrived Hang Tuah station only to be greeted with a sea of people. we wait for the train for awhile and then got into the train. i was tired beyond words already and this man gave me his seat. the atmosphere in the train was damn festive! everyone were talking to each other even though we didnt know each other :P

As we arrived Bukit Jalil Station, everyone alighted and EVERYONE started to cheered and clapped hands! damn funny! we are all so bersatu hati!!

Took the car, got lost and got myself on Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil-Puchong and met with an accident =.=" the car in front of me suddenly brake and i couldnt stop my car in time coz i stupidly pressed the clutch pedal at the same time =.=""""" it was really bad la. so bad until i 1 month tarak kereta :(

my car couldnt move at all. so i caused a big traffic jam on the highway with a lot of cars passing by honking at us shouting at us. alot of the people passed by were wearing yellow :P thank goodness for Kurnia insurance. They kaotim the towing of truck of me, and the tow truck brought us to Kinrara Police station and it was a loooooooong process coz the police didnt wanna take my statement saying that the accident happened beyond their area.... by a mere 200m =.=""" so we begged and begged and he asked us to talk to the Sarjan instead. We went into the Sarjan's room and begged and in the end he consulted another sargeant and we got our ways :P

Making a report is damn easy wei! got template one! just key in the basic info and voila! a paragraph of words came out :P

minger came to our rescue and fetch us. went for dinner before sending ah mui back. on the way to subang to send small cow back, i remembered my house keys is in the car =.="" called the tow truck guy and he informed that i can only retrieve my stuffs from the car the next day.

omg! i am homeless! we rounded around subang to get a locksmith and then only realized that small cow is not working today. so we just went to get my neccesities and put a night at her house. minger took a spare lock from small cow to change my house lock. ya, minger has the keys to my lock and grill but dont have key to my wooden door =.="" which reminds me, i need to duplicate more keys to pass to friends for keep.

reached small cow's room around 10ish and i plonked myself on the floor and couldnt get up! so super exhausted!

after washing up and what not, i think i fell asleep at 1ish and apparently my alarm clock rang for few hours and i couldnt hear. even when small cow woke me up to turn off the alarm clock also i didnt hear :P

woke up around 12ish, we got ready to head over to puchong to find the workshop to collect my keys and realized my important documents are inside the car too =.="

after that, went over to MekT for some Terengganu food before small cow send me back. on the way back only realized i forgotten to take more things from the car =.="

honestly, i was kinda pissed off when i found out that Plaza Rakyat was closed. I felt that the govt did it on purpose to ambush us. they allow us to take a train into the city, they allow us to gather and march and sit down. then they staged a show that some of the protesters broke through the barricade so that the police has an excuse to fire teargas and water canon. the thing is, the police continuously fire the teargas was uncalled for! people were already running away from the FRU and they continue to fire the tear gas into the crowd! for wat?? then not only that, they close the lrt stations. like force us to a dead end and continue to attack. giving me the impression that they were indeed purposely ambush us. the way we were finding alleys to escape to Hang Tuah station makes me feel like we are like ants like that. finding ways to escape from the insecticide! :P

anyways, minus the accident and the ambush feeling, it was an overall great experience. will i be back again should there be a Bersih 4.0? yes! definitely! :D

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