Saturday, April 28, 2012

historical moment...

i m super excited.... it's the eve of Bersih 3.0!

will be participating a rally for the 1st time in my life!

so ah mui was lamenting that she went to a few 7-11 and couldnt get a single raincoat! since there's a 7-11 near my house, i decided to pop over to see if got or not. went there, found 8 and i was deciding if i should sapu all 8 since our group is quite big, sure got ppl want geh. then came this guy asking the 7-11 staff if they have raincoats. as he was taking, i asked how many is he taking as i was planning to take all he said 1. and took 3 different colors to his car to ask his wife which color she wants. when he came back, he told me he is getting 2. so ok, i will sapu the 6 remaining one then.

me: you going Bersih, right?
he (taken aback and slowly nod his head): ya. u too?
me: of coz! if not why will i kiasuly sapu all? *huge grin*

as i was leaving, i said bye to him and he said "see you tomorrow!"

and we both laughed

as his car was parked next to my car, he went to his car and told his wife i am going too coz the wife wound down the window and said "See you tomorrow!"

and i said "ya! see you tomorrow!!"

and i left smiling :D

i love how so many of us are having the same heart, wanting a fair and clean election and it makes me feel damn proud to be part of this historical movement :)

i do not know what will happen tomorrow. but we have prepared all the neccessities like raincoats, water, salt, towels, extra t-shirt and even (for me) got a back-up plan, should i get caught, minger will call her lawyer friend to bail me. also, there will be several lawyers on standby there :D

i m mentally prepared to walk alot, get sprayed by chemical laced water and tear gas :D physically, i hope i am prepared :P

i am so semangat to the extend that if i am not exhausted, i will stay on in the city and continue with KSK :D

but i am 90% sure i will be too tired to join KSK la :P i just hope i m able to make it. ;)

Logically speaking, we think the govt wont attack us like Bersih 2.0 as the election is coming really soon. but we are dealing with one of the most illogical govt in the world :D honestly, i am secretly hoping the govt will do the boo boo and attack us so that the whole world will see how fuck up they are and vote wisely this coming election :)

gonna sleep now coz we are entering the city in the morning ;)

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