Sunday, April 22, 2012

i went back to ksk after 2 mths of absent. i felt like i really need to do something good to get rid of all the negative feelings that have been bottled up inside.

i think i need more help than volunteering la.... coz i didnt have the feel good feeling at all. maybe she has finally broke me beyond repair.

i seriously hate human beings. or maybe i am still clouded with so much angst and negativities that i somehow see a lot of uglies in a lot of people.

after 2 mths of absent, i was thrown in as the team leader in training for Bricksfield. a route that i've never been before. who is the team leader? only the most super annoying "thing" alive =.="

i did bitched about shim before.

when i found out only 3 of us (kaima, shim and i) were to do Bricksfield round, i knew it is gonna be a very "interesting" one =.="

i heard so much about shim from other team leaders already. no one want shim in their route coz the moment shim get into the car, shim will either sleep and snore or just wind down the window to smoke. meaning to say, no matter how many thousands round shim have done, shim will never remember the route coz shim was busy sleeping =.="

i think i was being punished for being absent for 2 mths =.="""

anyways, before we left ksk with a car full of food, (i am just driving a kancil... imagine how pack it is to carry 3 human and food??) i asked shim exactly which way to go Bricksfield. i didnt wanna use the way i know coz i wouldnt know if we will stop anywhere before Bricksfield or not. she told me in cantonese "go straight". =.=" i hate this sentence. so i asked again. which way are we going? shim said "berjaya time square" ok, acceptable. so i pressed for more details. after BTS, do we turn to Jln Pudu and passby Kota Raya and go straight to Bricksfield? Shim said "no, we go straight but we dont passby Istana Negara" so i asked if we are suppose to turn right at the Jalan Hang Tuah's traffic light to Jalan Loke Yew and then touch Federal Highway? and shim say "yes!!" fine, i mah go straight. as we were passing by the Jln Hang Tuah firestation, she asked me to go straight at the traffic light and i went "????" how to go to Bricksfield from there??? and shim said "go straight" so i went straight, passby MAA building and there is no way for me to turn to Lebuhraya Mahameru towards KL Sentral. Only can turn to Sungai Besi (totally opposite direction) and you know what the shim said??? shim said "aiyah! you went the wrong road already! why you used this road??" before i can rebutt, kaima became satay seller and said to me "you dunno how to go Bricksfield meh??" kns... i already begining to get tulan already, i do not need another person to tambah api here, ok?? anyways, after making a u-turn and passby Istana Negara, the bloody shim has the cheek to say "ya ya, correct way already!" then i asked shim "i thought u said wont pass by Istana Negara??" and shim just giggled! really wtf!! then i asked shim again, are we going straight and exit at Bricksfield? and shim say no. i went wtf again? i thought we are going Bricksfield?? and she said just go straight. i drove extremely slow on the slow lane having this strong feeling shim is gonna suddenly ask me to turn into Bricksfield without warning. true enough, suddenly ask me to turn left. when we arrived the traffic light, i told her and pointing to the right "isnt that road from Pudu? the way i asked?" she said "ya ya! correct!" and i went "then why didnt we just use that way??" and shim just giggled. if killing is not a crime, i would have killed shim right there. anyway, i asked shim where is the 1st stop? shim said behind YMCA. fine, i drove on, as we turn left at the traffic light at Esso, she suddenly asked me to stop at the right side as there is a client. thank goodness there isnt any car behind me!

so after giving food to the 1st client, we drove on to behind YMCA. i drove extremely slow coz i really do not know where will shim ask me to turn next. so i asked, where to turn? and shim said "just go straight, no need to turn" fine, so i drove slightly faster and shim suddenly asked me to turn right =.="""" i had to emergency break and thank goodness there is no car behind me!!! and reverse a bit to turn right to a small lane. as i was driving, i asked shim are we stopping? shim said not here. fine, i drove on and less than 2 meters on, she asked me to stop immediately. there isnt any clients there, but shim insist we leave 3 sets of food there. fine, we did that for Dang Wangi round before. prolly the clients are elsewhere and will come back to get the food. but the place was infested with cockroaches!!! and i asked shim if we are really suppose to put the food there? and shim insisted. fine. shim is the team leader. not my place to say anything. after that, as we were exiting the lane, she asked me to turn right. we stopped at the traffic light and i asked shim go where next. and she said go straight. straight ahead is a one way 3 lane road. i asked shim should i keep to the left or keep to the right? and shim asked me to keep to the left. so i was at the most left lane, driving slowly, shim suddenly asked me to turn right into a small lane =.="""" wtf is wrong with this thing???? again, thank goodness there isnt any car behind me!

shim got me to stop in the middle of the small lane and we got 4 sets out to give the client. as we exit the lane, we turn left and i asked shim where else? shim said go straight. and i asked shim if shim is sure coz i dont wanna do sudden turn nor brake anymore! and shim gave me the impatience tone "yeeeeeeeesssssssssss" fine, so i drove and shim suddenly asked me to stop as there is a stop on that road. i stopped in front and shim has the cheek to reprimand me that i stop too far. wtf???

after that, we were approaching a cross road and i asked shim where should we turn. and shim said right. and i asked shim is shim is confident? coz i really have no confident in shim's direction anymore! shim said "yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss" in an impatience tone again.

the next 2 stops were standard and i really thought shim has finally stopped being irritating... but nooooooooo as we were leaving Bricksfield with left over food (she insisted we bring it to Cahaya Suria - eventhough i told her to call the team leader there to check if they needed food or not), she asked me to keep left and drive slowly and then suddenly got me to stop immediately and try to manouver my car to the right as she spotted one client. =.="""

Anyway, went to Cahaya Suria and true enough they do not want our food as they have left overs as well. We decided to go to the riverbank but i was too scared to go down as the rest of the ksk ppl for the route has not arrive yet and i was afraid that we get mobbed over the little food we brought. so i called Joseph - who was doing Bangkok Bank and he asked me to go to Masjid Negara to meet them. And i told him i dont know how to go. He said shim knows. so i asked shim and shim says shim knows. so fine. we went up Jln Kuching and there were an exit in front and i asked shim is that the exit and shim as usual said no, go straight. fine. i went straight as i was passing that said exit, she said "Aiyah! that's the exit la! why didnt you exit???" =.="" what did i say? i shuddup. i decided to just ignore shim totally and tried to think of how to go. got lost a few times and finally found our way there. We couldnt distribute finish the food as well! so we decided to go to the riverbank together with another group. when we reached there, the ksk group hasnt arrived yet. so we just gave whatever food we have and inform them that there are more food coming.

we waited for the group to come, showed kaima the interesting place, then leave. the shim expect me to sent shim back. so i asked the shim where can i drop shim. shim say midvalley. so i told shim i will drop her at federal highway punya esso opp midvalley. shim said ok. as we were reaching midvalley, shim asked me to she shim to Bangsar. wtf????? anyway dropped her at esso federal hwy and told shim Bangsar is out of the way.

Went supper with kaima then drove her back.

oh oh.... 2 mths i tak pergi ksk, right? in that 2 mths fel has created damn a lot of stories about me! last nite when i reintro my kaima to some of them, suddenly.....

Queen: oh! so you are Jessica's kaima??
Kaima: ya
Me: yup.
Queen: which part of puchong do u stay?
Kaima: kinrara
Queen: i know kinrara la, where?
Me: kinrara 5. why?
Queen: no la, if you want, i fetch u next week la then Jessica no need to be so poorthing to fetch u all the way
Me: it's a non issue
Queen: no ma, so poorthing drive so much. so tiring
Me: it's a non issue
Queen: but felicia say u very poorthing wor. (all these whilst kaima already gave me a weird look)
Me: it's a non issue.
Queen: but wouldnt it be better if i fetch ur kaima?
Me: no. coz that will mean i have to fetch fel!

Kaima thought i bitched about fetching her. fel purposely created such story. wtf is wrong with her??

then friday night also another incident. but malas to type. will prolly paste it here next time.

ok. my eyes cannot open liao. it's 11.34am and i have been awake since yesterday.

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