Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The weekend of 17th December 2011:

Dad, Taiku, Unc Hock & Popo came up to KL to attend a cousin's wedding. Brought them to Seremban Favourites and everyone loves the char siew so much until I was given the task to bring back to Kluang for Christmas the following week :)

The weekend of Christmas:

Drove back to Kluang to spend time with family :) Didn't really feel Christmas-sy, maybe coz we were still mourning. Felt weird that Kong Kong's room is empty now. Also realised that Kong Kong's room is actually quite small. Some unpleasant incident happened that makes me feel frustrated and helpless. Spent the nights watching Survivor :p Proud to say that I've successfully trained my nieces and nephews to automatically call me "Aunty Jessica the Great" :D Received a sweet thoughtful gift and card from my 10yrs old nephew. And it was so apt! A bookmark with biblical verse printed on it (forgotten which Psalm) about being happy. When Alex passed the gift to me, I was at the kitchen updating Karen jiejie on the unpleasant dramas and how upset and frustrated I was that all my best efforts were going down the drain. So it was really apt. Words of God is really truly an amazing thing :) As usual, ate 7 meals a day in Kluang. So much so, towards the end of the trip there, I didn't wanna eat anymore! :D

Midweek btwn Christmas and New Year:

Met up with the babes to celebrate Marie's bday in advance and celebrate my final day with the company :)

New Year's weekend:

Drove down to SG to eat, spent time with karchengs and nieces and nephews and watch Wicked the Musical! :D

Prior to going to SG, I gave the karchengs a list of food I missed. My cousin in law took that as a challenge and brought us ate all the food in the list within 23hrs of us stepping our feet in SG!! :D all food except Lor Mee :D Welp, there's always a next trip ;-)

Wicked the Musical was so damn fantastic! I love it so much that I cried :D love the songs, the costumes, the backdrop, the dialogues and the story! :D

Nieces and nephews - omg! They are so fun to hang out with! :D the oldest is 12yrs old and the youngest is 3yrs old. I played with Alex's nerf gun. The story behind getting his nerf gun is so funny. He actually wrote a proposal to his parents on why he should have one :p he gave a long list of points. A few memorable ones were "need to practice for NS", "Useful for scout", "not very expensive" and "he is the only boy in the family, so just get him one!" :D he totally forgotten his dad is a boy at heart ;) coz immediately after they got the Nerf gun, his dad were playing with it and Karen overhead bits of the conversations that the dad said to Alex "I am keeping it, if u want to play, ask from me" and "Alex! Don't point the gun to yourself!!!!!" LOL!

I am the kids entertainer apparently ;-) they didn't know we can burp on demand. When they found out, every few moments, they will say "Aunty Jessica! Burp!" And I did and they will LOL like it's the funniest thing ever! -.-"

Last nite, I entertained them in the car on the way back from dinner and supper by singing Elmo's Song in quite a bad Elmo's voice and Alex out of no where suddenly say I sound like a chicken being slaughter! LOL! Everyone in the car burst out laughing! :D

Ushered in the new year stuck in a jam on Robinson Road looking at the sky progressively turn smokey. And caught glimpses of fireworks' reflection on CDL building whilst laughing with the karchengs :D then 1st meal of the year was Rochor's famous tau hway (purportedly the best tau hway in SG!) :D

1st Week of 2012

Started new old job and i am so far loving every single bit of it :D

coming up next, trip to Cherating this coming weekend :D

Life is good :D

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