Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I've been reading blog posts and articles on soup kitchens in KL and I am truly inspired to volunteer. The only problem is, I thought I don't have teman. Then I remember Ah Mui is into charities, so I called her and we've set the date as 15th January.

Then, I teringat Ah Woey. And I messaged him and he say he will go for me.... Awwwww so sweet! :D he is by far the funnest gay friend I've ever had! :D err... At least I think he is? :p

Then I posted it on FB, asking anyone else wanna join and Fel, my future boss, say she want!

Wow! I should have ask earlier, right?? :D

I am excited yet apprehensive at the same time! Can't wait for this experience!! :)

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