Wednesday, December 21, 2011


is how i am feeling now :)

Was invited to join the Christmas dinner with my future colleague past Monday. I feel damn welcome :) the colleagues are pretty funny, really close knitted family kind. the same feeling i had when i was working for them few years back :)

i think 2012 is gonna be a good year, despite the predictions that it will be the end of the world :D this coming few weekends will be packed :D

Going back to Kluang this coming Friday for Christmas. Can't wait to meet up with the karchengs :D and cant wait to nom all the good kluang food!! :D

Will be back on 27th and gonna work for only 2 days before heading down to Singapore to watch Wicked the Musical :D

Will be back on the 2nd January and start work in the new company on 3rd and gonna work for only 4 days before heading to Cherating for the long awaited holiday!! :D

What a great way to start a new year, eh? :D Musical, new job, vacation :D I feel truly blessed :) Life is finally treating me really really good and i am not gonna push my luck for asking more now :D.

The only thing is, i will miss celebrating kong kong's bday by his grave.... apparently the elders are planning to have a party of cigarettes and Tiger beer at his grave on the weekend i am going Cherating :P i guess i will just go visit him on the way back to Kluang this Friday la :D

btw, 3 working days more (22/12, 28/12 & 29/12) before i bid this place goodbye :D

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