Tuesday, December 13, 2011

dunno how long i can hold up this fort.... sent distress SOS call to my bro and sadly, he told me there's nothing we can do about it.

told him dont be surprise if i break down. i cannot take much mental abuses anymore. he got it easy. he is away, he dont have to face the blunt of the abuses. he dont receive calls whilst he is sleeping being shouted at and accused over stuffs that are not true.

i really cannot take much anymore. i dont believe there's nothing we can do. i am not a defeatist by nature. but i am afraid to make any move coz i am afraid to aggravate the matter. but i also believe if we continue to indulge and give in, things might just get worst.

i think before anything happens, i will need to check myself into a mental hospital. i cant talk to anyone about this at all. no one will understand.


  1. tho i may not understand, but talk it out feels better no? :)

  2. nope, no point talking to anyone about it. no one will understand and everyone ALWAYS FUCKING INTERRUPT ME WHEN I TALK AND ASK STUPID QUESTIONS!