Monday, December 12, 2011

moving on....

i guess most of you alre know. i got myself an old job :D Starting this January :D Why old? Coz i will be joining back my old company. no, not the company with Finger and 5cm :P it's the other company, the one prior to the Finger and 5cm... oh wait.... this blog was created during the Finger & 5cm era... :P

ya... prior to this blog, there were a few other blogs that documented my working life in the previous company, soon to be new company :P

why did i leave that company? wasnt by choice. the company moved the whole operations to PH and we were made redundant. ya, was retrenched. 3 yrs later, the same position was made available in MY again. :D And thru my contacts, i got myself the old job back with higher perks ;) waaaaaaaaayyyyy higher and better :D why is the position open up in MY again? apparently PH is doing ultra sucky job. so bad so that even after 3yrs, the initial teething problem hasnt been sorted out. The only difference between now and then is, i will only service MY and no longer worldwide. Which is better - coz i will be able to focus better :D

so ya... that's why i was soooooooooo secretive and yet excited about it :D it's one job that i love alot. the job function is interesting and exciting and the job culture over there is fantastic! :D up until now i still cant believe my luck :D the perks that they are now giving is sooooo much better than previously. :D :D :D

will be busy for the next few weeks. cousin's wedding, Christmas, Singapore trip, starting a new chapter & Cherating trip..... :D


can u feel the fake enthusiasm above? no? ok. good. means i am good at faking it.

actually, there were loads of drama that happened that i've decided it's too private to post here

not all of it negative drama though... some really silly and stupid. :P

i cant continue anymore. having major self censorship makes it hard to type...

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