Saturday, January 7, 2012

counting my blessing

I am seriously blessed with so many things in my life currently that i feel so thankful for :D

1) Blessed with the bestest and funnest family! Ya lah, memang i do bitched about them when dramas happened. But why harp on them bad stuffs? Just focus on the positive stuffs la :D i love my family alot. each and everyone of them - including the super annoying ones, coz at the end of the day, i know they love me too and they will never ever do anything to deliberately maliciously hurt me :D This includes the uncles, aunties and karchengs :D

2) Blessed with many good people around me like Minger (i know she is family), Mich, Bie, Nikie, Lisa, Ms Windy, Redbabe (i know we dont see each other often, but i always feel damn thankful to have her as a friend :D) Ah Woey, MunMun & LM

3) Blessed with superb work. I know it's too early to be so positive about it. But the very fact that it's the same job that i love so much previously and some same colleagues makes the job and life there damn fun :D I was given a super warm welcome by those ex colleagues. Especially my current boss and the Sg finance guy, JT. The 1st day, he bombarded me with Skype messages that makes me ROFL :D My current boss is great coz we already knew each other's personalities and she is a superb trainer :D learned so much from her just sitting with her for 3 hrs as opposed to sitting 2 days with the other AM who didnt know how to train me. :D No, i am not difficult to train. i just need to hands on and she just dont wanna lemme hands on and forced me to sit next to her seeing what she do. and she clicked everything so damn fast and expect me to have a super computer brains to absorb everything. scary part is, she is leaving next Wednesday! And she took MC today! oh well, my boss told me not to worry, she will train me personally :D oh oh, and the company is super generous too - within less than a week, my e-claims has amassed a tidy sum - enough for another trip down south :D Oh... and today, i was informed that the SG AM is snatching away some of my hotels. When my boss showed me the list, we all burst into laughter. He has taken away all the problematic hotels and leave me with those super good hotels. :D talk about backfired plan! ;)

4) Blessed with good lucks. :D seriously. i've always been bad lucked since young. hence, i always call myself Murphy's Bitch (anything bad that can happen will DEFINITELY happen to me). That's why my car's name is Murphy :P. But recently, i dont know what happened, everything seems to fall into places. Maybe i've finally became genuinely positive, and good lucks starts flooding in, or maybe my goldfish selective memory got so bad, i dont remember all the bad stuffs anymore :D either way, i feel lucky and blessed :D

5) Blessed with so many holidays! Going Cherating in a few hours time! :D

And that conclude this post. rather abrupt i knw, but i need to pack for the trip! :P

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