Monday, January 9, 2012


...this time :D

7th Jan 2012, Saturday

Left home around 9.30am. Took our own sweet time to pump petrol, drive to PBD to get McD breakfast & look for grandaunty's old house in Bukit Damansara :D By the time we reach the RM5 toll before Genting, it was 11.10am. Ya... really take our own sweet time :D Reached Jabor toll at 1.40pm, checked in to Suria Resort before jumping into Nikie's car to look for Kak Yam's Nasi Ayam Kukus. Not open :( So I suggested the nasi dagang stall by the river (opp Tong Juan)... manatau, not open as well. So we just went over to Tong Juan for stuffed crabs, crabmeat fried rice and fried vege.

After lunch, we stopped at the convenient store coz they needed to get water and ciggies. Then we decided to get keropok lekor and satar to have it by the pool together with our "welcome drink".

We changed into our swimsuits the minute we reached the hotel. The pool were crowded with kids, so we went to the beach - not noticing that the red flag is up and not knowing what does the red flag means :P

Small Cow decided to chill by the pool, so Bie, Nikie, Minger and I head down to the beach. The waves were super strong and scary. The water was cold. Nikie and Minger decided to sit on the higher part of the beach, Bie and I decided to go down the water (despite promising my dad i wouldnt go into the water). we were at the super shallow part, maybe about mid thigh high and the waves were super high, so we ran inland and sat on the watery part of the beach doing "sand spa" before a bloody big wave suddenly smash into Bie and I. Thank goodness we were not dragged into the sea. We didnt feel like we were in danger. And we were wondering why were there so many ppl look at us from the top. Minger and Nikie joined us not long later for the sand spa. really, it never really occur to me we were in danger (no, nothing bad happened to us). After a while, we decided the waves and the tide are getting higher and we head back to the pool for a quick dip before going back to the room to get ready for dinner with Din.

As usual la, laughed damn alot during dinner and then Din told us how dangerous we were going to the beach with the red flag up. Apparently a family of 5 was swept off the shore last week and not been found until now!! I think we were truly blessed la... :D

After dinner, Din dropped us off at the hotel and we went back out to refill petrol and get some snacks. The long journey from KL to Cherating took a toll on us and we decided to call in around 11pm.

8th January 2012, Sunday

Woke up for breakfast. Sucky like mad. Then Bie, Minger and i decided to drive over to Ruby's Resort to give aunty Ruby a surprise visit. Manatau, she just left for KL =.=" We played with Stout, Princess, Bobby and 3 others for awhile, had ice kacang, chill on the hammock and tree house, explore her new rooms before we head back to the hotel to fetch Small Cow and Nikie for lunch at Kak Yam :D

After lunch, we went to get another round of Satar and Keropok Lekor to eat by the pool :D This time the pool was empty, we quickly went up to the room to change and quickly went down to the pool :D we were at the pool for quite long before heading back to the room to wash up and rest.

We left the hotel around 10pm for dinner. After dinner, we head down to Paka to look at the burning lost once, coz the roads were under construction, the road to Paka was ultra bumpy. After about 1hr's driving, we finally reached Paka only to be disappointed coz not much fire anymore :(..... due to my eyes were strained, Bie drove next. It was pretty funny coz we stopped at the roadside to change driver. and in order to change driver, everyone in the car gotta come down to change seating position... what to do, kancil ma... :P I think by then it was about 12ish 1ish already.

Whilst driving, we say the alternative road back to Kemaman. And i was thinking, it could be better, why not use that? i should be less bumpy.....



it was a scary mistake. my thinking were, the alternative road should be nearer and faster and since all of us have not used the road before, it will be fun to explore the road together. totally forgotten it's pass midnite.

The road was long, dark - really really really dark, up and down hill and scary. I started to have wild imaginations like scenes from Final Destination but i didnt say it. I can feel tension in the car and feel that everyone is having their own scary thoughts. So we listen to songs and sing and talk and tried to joke. Bie was super stressed. Nikie was super quiet (i think she was sleeping or pretending to sleep), Small Cow was fiddling with her phone and Minger was being quiet and occasionally speak. i think it was the longest 1.5hrs car ride in our lives. We seriously do not know where were we, there were not a single sight of civilization. only occasionally we have a truck or car coming from the opposite direction. to make the matter worst, IT FUCKING RAINED!!! =.=""

really really really macam scene from Final Destination wei!!

So far these are the info i've gathered on the scary drive:

Minger's thoughts: jangan jangan we ter-see somethings we are not suppose to see. ie. hantus

Small Cow's thoughts: die! phone SOS calls only. and we are ALL using Digi!! Hopefully nothing happen that requires us to call. better not tell anyone to avoid mass panic

Nikie: saw something. she refused to tell us. =.="

Me: Final Destination scenes. 'nuff said

Anyways, when we finally saw civilization, we were so super relieved that we started all talking and laughing and singing along to the songs and can feel the tensions in the car dissipated :P

We reached the hotel around 2.30am.

9th January 2012, Monday

No one bothered to wake up early today for the complimentary breakfast :p

Woke up at 10.45am to pack up and wash up to check out. Head over to Hai Peng for coffee and brunch before heading back to KL. Stopped at the Satar stall (We decided Shukry's Satar after the Shell after the Gerbang towards Kuantan is the best tasting one, hence, we went there everyday to get some :P) to get some Satar for ourselves and my colleagues :D

Took a super slow drive back but still kena tangkap gambar by the police =.="

Actually hor, i sort of freaked out now. Coz hor, i just only learned that Nikie saw something and this Ah Woey is telling me more stuffs that are freaking me out even more =.="""

And as i typed the sentence above, i heard noise outside my room in the living room. *freaked out*

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