Monday, November 28, 2011

What a weekend!

On Friday, i BBM group chat with Bie and Small Cow on the list of stuffs i wanna eat. I forgotten what, but the crave for Petaling St CCF with old school red sauce was really strong. :P And i suggested we head down to Petaling St for breakfast on Sunday. But Bie didnt want to part herself from her bed and Small Cow was reluctant. So we left it be. Me disappointed, of course! :P

Then Saturday, woke up early to go mechanic to service Murphy and have McD breakfast with Minger and Small Cow and i ended up crying after talking about the stuffs that were troubling me. After breakfast, we went to USJ to look for tailor - unsuccessful.... :( I was pretty emo due to some stuffs that is happening to to me. Bie, Nikie, Small Cow, Dr Fong and I planned to have steamboat dinner at Kota Damansara and then head over to Cineleisure for Puss In Boots (super cute!!!!!! :D)... but due to my emo-ness, i almost ffk-ed them :P.... but i went in the end coz i was sick and tired of staying depressed at home.

It was a good move la... it took my mind off the stuffs for awhile. During dinner, Bie suddenly asked if i wanna go and eat all those stuffs that i've listed (note: kluang food was in the list, melaka food was in the list, kl food was in the list :p) and my eyes went O.O - WE ARE GOING KLUANG AND MELAKA??? but potong stim la... she only willing to go for the Klang Valley's food :P And they asked me what time i wanna have my CCF breakfast at Petaling St and i jokingly said 8am. And they took it seriously before i change the time to 9am. Then only Bie told me her colleague from Aussie is in town and she is thinking of reintroducing KL food (he is a Sarawakian who has been residing in Sydney since 1983) to him and since we've got a list of food, why not? :P

And so we started our Sunday super early, despite sleeping at 3.30am :P Woke up at 6ish by my bro coz he tagged me in FB. HE BUMPED INTO PHILIP WANG OF WONGFU PRODUCTIONS!!!!!!! :p

Yea, my bro knows of my crush for Philip Wang :D And yes, i am very very very happy with my relationship with my bro now. We have been really close and comfortable recently and i hope it will never change =))

Anyways, with all the excitement of Philip Wang, I already woke up and got ready to go UMMC to put my car there to hop into Dr Fong's car to head over to Petaling St for our first of the many meals of the day... :P

Summary of what we ate (note: we shared amongst 4-6 ppl):

Petaling St (opp mata kucing stall) - CCF with old school red sauce - Saw the Singapore TCS8 host Bryan Wong... but none of the gang knew who is he :P
Petaling St (around the corner from the CCF stall) - The famous old aunty multi flavour muachi :P
Petaling St (market) - CCF (again! but verdict is the 1st stall is better), Curry Mai Fun, Assam Laksa
Jalan Gasing - Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken Rice / Noodles

Dr Fong left us at the Chicken Rice place to report to work. He is on call today. After eating (we ordered half chicken, bean sprouts and siew yoke and small rice for all of us except Bie who was already preparing white flag), we sat there and lepak and enjoy the aircon for awhile and thinking of where to go next. suppose to go KLCC and KL Tower (touristy stuffs mah), we ended up decided to go Genting. We were all wearing shorts and i was wearing a sleeveless top!! Nikie couldnt join us coz she needed to meet her lecturer. So 4 of us (Bie, Henry, Small Cow and i) headed up to Genting. Walked around First World and did some shopping and sitting on the floor like a beggar :p and eating continues:

First World - Herbal Tea Eggs
Gohtong Jaya - Claypot Dong Fun with Big Head prawns (OMG!! this is super orgasmic wei!!) and stirfry baby french beans and DURIANS!!
Sg Buloh - BKT and Pig Trotter's Vinegar
Kota Damansara - Durians.

By then, i almost died already. Bie, as usual, had so many antics, she was our sole entertainment (besides food) and we had so much exercise on our stomach coz we laughed sooooo much! :D

I am still reeling in amazement at how "hardworking" and "productive" we are on a Sunday. I left the house at 8.30am and reached home at 11.30ampm. 15hrs of eating, walking and car rides!! But it was all GREAT la, despite ALL of us decided to fast for the next few days. I am thankful tomorrow (or rather today) is a public holiday, so that i can sleep in and recuperate :D

Henry (Bie's colleague) have never met any of us (incl Bie) before and he was pretty sporting to layan our silliness. And after finding out more info from him, his trip to Msia this time is to evaluate the staffs. Bie included =.=" and no, Bie is NOT trying to apple polish him by bringing him around. She is not the sort. She is just being hospitable :D So I asked him, how is he gonna keep a straight face evaluating her tomorrow when all he can think of is her silly, cute and adorable-ness?? :P He just laughed. :D

I was telling Small Cow on the way back just now, i think it's quite impossible for anyone not liking Bie after hanging out with her for just one day. Her every single antics and expressions are really cute and priceless! :D

I shall end this post now with a pic of Bie aka Toothless :p (she is gonna kill me)

Ya, i did this :P


  1. qoute:
    I left the house at 8.30am and reached home at 11.30am

    11:30am ka pm? :P