Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i think by this Friday i will be able to blog abt stuffs that i've been bottling up inside..... i really really really really hope i get the result i needed and wanted!! :D

it has been a hell of an emotional day today. funny how my 6th sense tells me today's drama will happen and it happened. it was really an emotional roller coaster la... and i am still reeling in shock.... when i was driving back just now, the only phrase that were repeating in my mind was:

ham yu fan sang translate salted fish became alive again

so i called minger to tell her. and she totally agree. it's really a case of ham yu fan sang! and seriously, it's really a good blog post over the stuffs that has been happening. but i cant blog it out - yet. i dont wanna jinx it :P
i updated my FB status as that and i've got this:

=.=" anyway, the one or two or three or four readers that still bothers to read this blog, pls pls pls pls pls pls pls cross your fingers and toes for me that tomorrow will be successful and that friday i will get the result that i wanted and that i can finally live happily ever after!! thank you!! :D

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