Friday, November 25, 2011


.... ppl close to me knows i cannot tahan seeing ppl close to me kena bully. some of you older readers should know too. since i've had a few "blog wars" with others over small cow before :P

anyways....... today kena again la... my baby Nikie mou tuin tuin kena accused of something really ridiculous.

Summary (i will post the threads below for you all to read. dont ask stupid question if you didnt read all the threads ah):

Nikie posted a pic of 2 puppies up for adoption in Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB). Due to her limitation, she is not able to assist further. Someone volunteered to help. She thought end of story. Then almost a week later, she asked for the updates. And was curtly informed to check another thread. There, MDDB accused Nikie of not "walk the talk" and accused Nikie of "spewing abuses". I got flabbergasted and pissed off by such attitude and baseless accusations of MDDB so i lashed back. then a few friends lashed back. We demanded for apologies. What did MDDB do? nothing. then Nikie got tulan and posted on their wall and they removed it. Wah.... lagi super tulan. Then  next thing we know, MDDB made fun of other accusers and threatened to sue them. And even made an announcement. This one i cannot take it anymore. so i confronted them. and in the end, they realized their mistakes and apologized. we accept the apologies. (altho from this episode, i got PM-ed by other ppl telling me a lot of MDDB's shameful stuffs. which i m not in the liberty to post up here) :D anyways, here are the threads :D (click to enlarge)


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