Thursday, November 24, 2011

i need a leprechaun or a fairy godmother or a genie in a bottle now.....


coz i've got a wish and i really really really really really really wish it will come true :P and i cant really say it out now coz i believe it will be jinxed :P.... a few ppl close to me already know it and they are all crossing their fingers, toes, arms, legs, pussies, balls, breasts, etc for me!! :D

and i admitted to LM last nite, i will be super crushed and disappointed if the wish didnt come true :( it's like the world's most perfect thing for me. Note: FOR ME, ok? :P

on a side note, i am currently experiencing "miscarriage". Bloody hell! i bled so much it's scary!!! =.=""""

i had this weird dream this morning. about MF. Funny how my mind works. Something happened yesterday, which leads me to have that wish, and it has nothing to do with him, except that i was back to the era of me having hots for him, back in a place where everything was so comforting familiar and i felt at home..... (wah lau, even i also think this bloody post is too ambiguous wei!!!:P)... and i didnt even think of him... manatau.... that night i dreamt of him. and my wish came true. so i had a perfect life in my dream. having my dream come true and having him and i finally together :P

pathetic, i know.

then as it always happens, when u dreamt about that person, you will start to think about that person all the time. and ya, i am thinking of him. and i am trying to remind myself why i should not be in contact with him anymore. why he is bad news to me and what a jerk is actually is....... then on the other hand.... he is MF!!! MF!!! leh!!! MF!!!!

=.=" yea, u should just kill me now, thank you very much :P

i always knew i missed the era..... i missed the location..... but i never knew how much until i revisited the location...... and got reminded of the stuffs of that era.... and i really really really really really really really really really really wish my wish will come true!! *shiny wet eyes*

*keeping fingers crossed*

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