Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i have an assignment to do since about a month ago but i just dont have the mood to do it.

was supposed to do a food review or some sort. but i cannot la... i can only describe food as yummy, yummilicious, yumz..... or ok ok la.... or yucks.... how to write????

but when i was eating that particular food i thought i was gonna review, i did spewed out some words or description. minger asked me to write it down immediately, if not will forget. yup. i didnt write it down. and yup, i've forgotten the words i used to described the food :P

conclusion? i cannot be a food blogger la....

why suddenly write abt being a food blogger? my crush wanted to collaborate with me to create a food blog :D and figuring i will get to spend more time with my crush, i agreed. so stupid. i cannot do it leh..... >.<|||

but the concept that he came up with is really good. i love his idea alot.... just that i am not good enough :(

ya... i am still kinda swooning over him :D he is so serious and workaholic which makes him kinda boring. but i dunno why i still have a crush on him :D

Quote: He is so boring and serious, but I love him anyways! I am fun and entertaining enough for both of us!


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