Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Cow TVB Drama series

It has been a really dramatic day today. Feels like I've been transported into a TVB drama series "live"!

The characters are:

Sar Yee (referring to Moonlight Resonance AKA Kar Hou Yuet Yuen) - The dramatic selfish bitch who acts and bitch according to her own selfish reasons. From major things like wanna refurnish the house, it's coz Goo Mah*, the matriarch, wants it (when in actual fact, she wants it). Wanna eat Japanese coz Goo Mah wants to pay tribute to the Japanese for torturing her whole family during WWII (yes, Sar Yee is THAT ridiculous and illogical), wanna go shopping coz Goo Mah wants to shop (Goo Mah hates shopping). You get the drift? Always borrow ppl to cross the bridge. Basically, Sar Yee likes the attention she gets by playing her victim card.

Goo Bu - Sar Yee's chosen victim. Why is she the best victim? Coz Goo Bu hates drama. So she will always just give in. Giving Sar Yee opportunity to step on Goo Bu to create stories to make Sar Yee more pitiful.

*Goo Mah - The matriarch of the family who got brainwashed by Sar Yee and started to hate Goo Bu too. Both Sar Yee and Goo Bu are Goo Mah's daughter. It became so bad to the extend that she will not have anything to do with Goo Bu altho everyone stays in the SAME FUCKING ROOM!!!

Goo Moi - IMHO, the real victim of all. Daughter of Goo Bu. Being caught in between of them all. One side is her mom, the other side is her aunt and grandma who has taken care of her since young. Saw the true color of Sar Yee, but cannot do anything coz of the lifelong gratitude of Sar Yee's sacrifices.

Me? I am just an spectator below the stage watching the live show.

Dun play play ah, this live show damn interactive one ah. Suddenly will pull the spectator in to get involve one...

So, wat's the drama today?

Goo Moi was home alone this morning at around 10ish when her house got burglarized. The burglar ran away when he realised someone is home, not before ransacking and stole some valuables from the masterbedroom and punching a hole to Goo Moi's ceiling.

Goo Moi's 1st reaction is to call Sar Yee. Sar Yee asked her to call her uncle who is staying a few doors away.

When the uncle came, another uncle arrived the same time. Super efficient this Sar Yee.

Next, Goo Bu suddenly called Goo Moi and informed she is on the way back from KL after receiving the news.

No signs of Sar Yee....

1.5hrs later, Sar Yee came back WITH GRANDAUNT!!!


A normal logical person's reaction when found out the house has been burglarized is take emergency leave and go straight home to check.

Sar Yee? Call the whole JinJang village, call EVERYONE in her phonebook, call EVERYONE in telephone directory book, call overseas relatives, call the media, fetch relatives ONLY go back to Subang. Wow. Bravo.

It's like: Oh look! There's a fire!! Call the media to showcase how kelian she is for losing her house to the fire! Nope, no need to call bomba one! Call bomba cannot make me kelian and get the attention already!!!

Ya. Idiotic.

So after work, I went over to give moral support. Goo Bu started to interact with me, the spectator. I feel her. I understand where she coming from. She was choking back her tears when she told me her side of the story. She lamented that she dunno if she is Goo Mah's biological daughter or not. Damn sedih, right?

Where is Sar Yee? Run away la, what else? Shit happened, run away to safehouse, forsaking her mother's safety. Selfish bitch. She claimed that she is afraid of her safety. Scared at night kena burglary again. So she wanna sleep elsewhere. But leaving Goo Mah behind. Damn.... Ermm.... Can't think of the word.....selfish, coward....

So ya.... Damn dramatic!! Now we are brainstorming how to resolve some $$ issues. We have a tentative plan already. Hopefully it will jadi la :D


  1. i feel like as tho i am watching my own premier. =.="

  2. Ha? This whole post is purely fiction wor.... U can relate to it ah? Y so dramatic one, u? :p