Monday, September 12, 2011

Becareful of what you wished for.... :P was my karcheng (TM), Linda's, 30th Birthday on 9th Sept. We planned to celebrate for her on the 10th instead so that her hubby can bring her out for a romantic celebration on the actual day.

few days before the bday, we met up for dinner and her parting words before we left was, she wants 30 candles - jokingly.

after pondering a few hours, minger and i decided to go ahead and source for 30 candles :P but what cake? since we are not really into cakes (it runs in the family :P), i decided to called Linda and asked her what cake she wants. and she half jokingly asked if we can substitute watermelon with cake? i kept quiet for a moment and i told her: "Can... you ask for it, i will give you" and she thought i was joking.

On the actual day, she was surprised i really went ahead with the plan :P

Watermelon "Cake" with 30 candles unlit-ted.

All 30 candles litted!! :D

The whole room were smoked up from the candles :P

The candles! :D

We were supposed to head on to Ampang Look Out Point after the karaoke. Hence, we choose Cheras Selatan's Greenbox. Mana tau, reach there only Linda's colleague told us that she need to go Bukit Tinggi Klang after karaoke. Hence, we all have to send her back to Klang and i was pretty upset. We wasted 1 bloody hour jamming all the way to Cheras. If she has told us in advance, we would have just stick to Bukit Tinggi's Greenbox! Also, i was soooooo looking forward to finally going up to Look Out Point, mana tau...... :(

But we still managed to have fun la. Despite the colleague's bad planning, they are still really funny ppl. After sending the said colleague to Bukit Tinggi and the other colleague back to the hostel and Linda's hubby back home, Linda, Minger and I head over to Mama Kandar to snack and drink before going back to Linda's house to chat somemore.

It was really nice bonding with the karchengs(TM) again :D Super love my karchengs(TM) :D

Why am i putting (TM) after karcheng? Coz a lot of unwanted ppl are stealing this title which was created by my kuku for us, and we decided to be territorial :D

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