Thursday, September 8, 2011

i hate any form of exercise. except bedroom exercise. really. i usually avoid exercise like a plague. but once in awhile i will accidentally terkena exercise and i will suffer from whole body aching the next few days.

i am currently suffering. :P

What happened? you see, my dad is a retired banker and he still has contacts with his ex-colleagues. So, most of the time, i will get him to help me do the banking transactions :P

His current mission is to change 50sen coins for me every few months for me to pay DBKL.

So, he brought up 1000pcs of 50sen coins yesterday. He kept on stressing to me it's very super heavy. And somehow that doesnt really register in my head. He suggested to come over to my office area and meet me for dinner after work. but the traffic here is not that good. so i suggested we meet at Mid Valley instead. So we met, and he didnt bring the coins down. He told me it's very heavy. He parked his car at North Court upstairs 2nd flr and i parked my car downstairs South Court at basement 1. after dinner, he got me to go up to the car to collect the coins. fine. it. was. super. duper. fucking. #@$%^%&%^&^&^&^%*^*^*. heavy!!!!!!

But somehow i was pretty confident i will be able to make it to my car. really geh. i am quite the delusional at times. :P

I took the lift down to ground floor, took the escalator down to LG and stopped at Popeye's to get Minger's dinner. When i reached there, panting and sweating like mad.....

Popeye staff: you lari ke sini ke?
Me: *panting*
Popeye staff: eh... tak payah lari, kita masih ada banyak lagi ayam!
Me: *panting... pointing at the bag of coins* berat.....


The service at Popeye's is really fast. And i was surprised.

Me: Wah... service you orang damn cepat! lebih cepat daripada KFC! (ya, me bad in BM)
Popeye staff: memang la cepat, kita kan Popeye?

Why so damn fai one???

Anyways, for those of you not so familiar with MV, Popeye is located at North Court LG. i still need to walk a super loooong way to South Court, take a lift down to the carpark, walk another 50m before i reach the car.... with the bloody coins and food. Wehn i came out of the lift, i saw Small Cow's car and immediately, i was thinking: "should have call her to help me!" :P

after dumping everything in the car, i went to the paying station and called Small Cow and i sat there paralyzed for more than 30mins whilst waiting for Small Cow to finish up her stuffs.

few things happened during then:

1. Toothless called to tell me she won a Storm watch and asked if Ms Windy helped in anyways, coz she cant believe her luck :D told her it's her good luck :D

2. there was a robbery. ppl were chasing ppl. ppl were shouting "Tahan!!! Tahan!!!! Samun!!! Tahan!!!" i was too tired to move. which is kinda dangerous. but i just couldnt be bothered. and btw, malaysians are bo chup sort. no one assist to tahan the robbers :P

3. A young couple playing hide and seek.

4. A group of korean teenager got terrified by the robbery and one of them ended up crying. a security guard bought the crying girl a kit kat to calm her nerves

ya.... i was paralyzing and people watching at the same time :D

Small Cow came down, we went for a smoke, paid my parking ticket and went off. only to be stuck in a jam.

delivered food to minger and then sat in the car for quite long, dreading the thought of lugging that bag of coins up 3 storeys =.="

And i've learned my lessons (copy from my FB):

1. valuable lesson learned today: 1000pcs of 50sen coins is super heavy, carrying around MV is suicidal. I almost died -.-"

2. also another lesson learned, when your retired banker dad tells you 1000pcs of 50sen coins is super heavy, trust him and take up his initial offer of dropping the coins to your parked car in Bangsar instead of meeting in Mv -.-"


i've got other stuffs to blog about also, but due to the fact that i m super duper tired, i malas to continue somemore. :P

will update... soon-ish la :P

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