Friday, June 10, 2011

Simple Bee Hoon Soup

I've been diligently cooking almost every night after work. coz:

A) i love my cooking
B) wanna save money (although i dont see how is that possible since i always ended up going to supermarket EVERY NIGHT to get more ingredients for the stuffs that i thought of cooking whilst driving home)
C) i am in the cooking mood again

Anyways, last nite minger's nose decided to take a vacation and ran away. So i told her we shall eat simple and healthy then! :D

Anyways, here are the recipe :D


2 handful of bee hoon
200grams prawns meat (keep the shells, tails and head)
8 pork balls
8 fish balls
2 table spoons of marinated chicken slices*
1/4 chinese cabbage
1 teaspoon of tong choy

Marinated chicken

Chicken fillet
Sesame Seed Oil
Shao xin win
Oyster sauce
Soy sauce
Garlic Powder
Pepper powder
Tiny pinch of 5 spiced powder

Soup Base

500ml water
Prawn shells, tails & heads
2 thumbs lenght ginger, sliced.
a pinch of chicken powder

A) Marinating the chicken

Slice the chicken to the desired shapes / size. dump in all the ingredients and marinate, set a side for minimum 30mins to ensure that the chicken is fully marinated. I marinated mine few days before :P

B) Soup base

Stuff the prawn shells, tails and heads and ginger slices into disposable teabags. Once the pot of water (you measure yourself, 2 ppl need how much soup, i boiled 2 bowls of water) is boiling, throw in the stuffed goodies into the boiling water and let it simmer. Throw in the chinese cabbage as well if you are like Minger and I who loves our chinese cabbage super cooked until the white part looks a little translucent. If not, add the cabbage later. This cabbage makes the soup sweeter also :D once you are happy with the soup, you can start cooking the rest.

C) Beehoon

Cook the bee hoon on a seperate pot, drained.

Dump in the chicken, balls & prawns into the soup 5 minutes before you wanna eat. once the meats are all cooked, ladle them up on the bee hoon and garnish it with fried garlic and tong choy :D

Ok, the picture on top dont have tong choy, i know.. coz i damn forgetful... minger was lamenting that the soup wasn't salty enough but i find it ok... then when we almost finish that time only i remember the tong choy! :P so we added the tong choy into the noodles, boiled the remaining soup in the pot and pour it over the tong choy. :D

and that, my kawan kawan, is how i cook my bee hoon soup. :D

Tonite's menu: braised tung ku, stir fry broccoli with marinated chicken and an egg dish :D

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