Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy birthday, friend

It's been almost a year since you've left us. Time flies. I hope you are enjoying yourself where ever you are.

You have no idea how much your passing has changed me. And i am glad to tell you it's all for the better, but then again, you would have known, wont you? since i m very sure you are looking down from above watching all your family and friends from time to time :) i know you care for all of us :)

I dreamt about you the other day. Dreamt that we were back in the high school, except that we were much matured in my dream. we weren't arguing for the sake of arguing in class as what we always did. in fact, we were talking about what a great big world the outside world is and how we will strive hard to achieve our goals. then the scene changed, we were riding in your banana car and we (wendy, zahreen, kughan you and i) were all going to Aquarius (haha! remember the only disco we had back then? :D) and then the scene changed, we ended up in Rest House area and we started to talk and lepak at the helicopter landing and then the police came and i woke up =.="

this is all a dream, obviously, coz this never happened and will never happened given the fact that we had a curfew back then :P

Anyway, happy birthday, dear friend. You have been missed by all of us.

P/S: please say hi to God for me. ;)

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