Friday, May 20, 2011

Met my darling Chanel last night :D OMG! she is soooooooo adorable!!! :D And Baby Zen is such a mild manner baby! :D

had my 1st taste of Unifi last nite at Linda's place.... and i am sort of hooked. Am now contemplating if i should get it :P

Small Cow got her Unifi installed today..... guess if i wanna see her, i will have drive over to her place, march up to her room and PEEL her away from her laptop :P

Will be meeting my new boss today for mini training and collecting my laptop :D

My dad, being my dad, asked me to ask them to gimme a car as welll - siao!!

Have been playing with thoughts of getting a property. but after calculating and such, i think i cannot afford la....

now i am thinking of getting a new car =.=" but i am very very reluctant la... coz i wanna be debt free for at least a year before i get myself into any debts with anyone :D

I miss Minger. The karchengs in Klang Valley has decided to go airport to pick her up when she comes back. with banners and pom poms and such. the sole purpose is to embarrassed her... :D what to do... she abandon us for 5 weeks :D i think we are gonna embarrass ourselves as well :D ahhh... but for the love of our beloved karcheng, i think it's worth it ;-)

A few colleagues and i decided to do a pot luck lunch this monday :D it's a first for us... so it will be quite fun :D So far the confirmed menu is:

Ade - Kung Pou Chicken / Fried Mini Fish with special chili
KIA - some soup
Ms Gan - Vege
Me - Braised mushroom / chai poh egg :D
Lady Boss - Desserts :D
5cm - Roti (seriously i do not know why the fuck is he bringing that) :P

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