Thursday, May 19, 2011


Marc the Apek is leaving KL for good to go back to Taiping to take care of his adoptive dad. What a filial son he is :D. We all planned to meet for dinner last nite. As Mich is craving for Chow Yang's prawn mee, we decided to meet there at 7pm. I left office at around 6.30pm, knowing very well i will be kinda late. Mana tau, i ended up being the 1st to arrive. Talk about Malaysian timing =.=" Mich and Samson came when i almost finished my bowl of noodles. Marc, the blur apek, called me before Mich and Samson arrive, asking me where was i sitting. Told him exactly where and he told me he cant see me. Asked him where was he, he told me he was at the chicken rice area. I turned around and i dont see him. after much bantering and looking around, we realized he was at the wrong place. =.=" he went to Ming Tien instead.... like wtf?? Anywayz, Marc arrive not long after Mich & Samson arrive came. Next that came was Isaac & GF. Daph and Fion came much later due to the jam. Wednesday is not a good day to makan at Chow Yang. Alot of stalls not open. So we all ended up eating prawn noodles :D Anyway, this Apek will be missed la :D


Today is my so called replacement's second day of work. It's pretty refreshing working with youngster all full of life and enthusiasm... it's like everything is interesting, everything is exciting and everything is fun and happy. his learning curve is so far ok. we shall see.....


Am still watching SATC. 4th season now. MrShinnyHappyDude aka Mr He Whom Shall Not Be Named says he sees a lot of Samantha Jones in me. I see that too, but more like a closeted version :P I see some Carrie and Miranda in me too. But not Charlotte though....


My dad is taking lesson from Wendy's dad on social medias. The other day when i called him, he told me how he stalked me in FB =.=" then yesterday he called me all excitedly telling me how he has been Skyping with my bro in USA every week =.=" Next thing i know, he will be telling me he is tweeting!!! :D orrrr.... he will gimme his blog address or, he might even join nuffnang! omg. :D my dad happening sial! :D to think about 10yrs ago, he dare not even touch a pc. and when he moved the mouse to click, he actually got a fright! :D ya, my dad was a technology phobic :D


there's this dull aching in my heart for sometime now. i wonder when will it stop.... it hurts. really really hurts. even when i am out with friends laughing and joking, a part of me is dying inside.


My darling Chanel is back in town :D

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