Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank you, Small Cow ;-)

It started out just another normal lazy Saturday. Woke up, brush teeth, cooked lunch, eat lunch and watch SATC. Then I saw my gel eyeliner lying forlornly there waiting for me to use it - wait, before I continue, you must know that I don't do make up often and when I do, I most of the time have bad make up day and ended up washing everything off! Ok, back to the story - so I picked it (the gel eyeliner) up and used it. Within 5mins, it was perfect! And I was surprised coz usually even on good make up days, it will take me a minimum of 30mins to get it done! (Remember - I am not a make up person)

At the same time, I was chatting on MSN with Small Cow and she told me she needs to run some errands and I told her I wanna tag along coz I was kinda bored at home. So we made plans.

I looked at the mirror and I felt that it was a waste to wash off the make up (I needed to wash my face when I bathe to get ready to go out, right?). So, on a desperate attempt to keep the make up on, I washed all parts of my face except the eye part delicately. After bathing, I thought it's a waste not to dress up with the make up on. So I put on my new cleavage baring top. And then I thought that it's a waste to tie up the hair, and I let it loose. I looked at myself in the mirror and I realised: OH SHIT!! I AM OVERDRESSED FOR ERRANDS RUNNING TAGGING ALONG SESSION!! :D

Yes, I am most of the time this silly =.=”

Small Cow picked me up not long later and proved to me what a great friend she is :D She didn't want my effort in dressing up to go on waste (cos I don't usually dressed up) even though she is super tired. So she brought me to Golden Break formerly known as The American Pool Club to meet her car club guy budddies and then we went for steamboat dinner at USJ19 Mall (even though she didn't feel like eating anything) and then entertains my stalking streak before we call it a night :D

I really do appreciate her gestures :D Thank you, my dear Small Cow ;-)


  1. please dont do that anymore... when i reached home i thought the bed is my coffin... even though the bed sheet is in pink... hrm, mayb i shud request for a pink coffin when i die. good idea hor?

  2. Pink kaler coffin for an old lady (u will die at a ripe old age!)? Doesn't seems nice wor... White kaler nicer ;-)

    The good news is, u wake up sibeh early lor ;-)