Thursday, April 21, 2011

office politics rant

Minger flew off to Netherlands last nite for 5 weeks. gonna miss her max! :( this is a huge stepping stone for her. She is meeting her future in laws, meaning to say, if everything goes smoothly (which i m confident it will be given the fact that she has spoken to them a couple of times before), Minger will prolly be marry off in max 2 yrs time :( i am soooo gonna miss her!!

but i m seriously very happy for her :D she has found her happily ever after - or at least her happily ever after is within reach. :D


Work wise, i dont think things will be better again. Lamented to Minger last nite when we were on the way to airport. It's really high time to look for a job. At the same time, i m dreading the starting all over again feeling. I know this is seriously the best opportunity to uproot myself. But there are people here that i will miss a lot. And also, the thought of finding new friends who are sama kepala with me all over again is seriously very daunting. So ya, i m scared =.="

characters in my office (in fictional characters that i can think or relate to):

Ms Know It All is best described as Pettigrew in Harry Potter :D She is expected to betray anyone just for her own gain or survival. The only difference is, she do it very openly and yet, she wonders why everyone hates her =.="

fuck. i cannot think of any fictional characters for the 2 evil bitches.


Ms PA is crass, rude, obnoxious, fake, apple polisher, vulgar, no class ah lian from Klang. every few hours the office will be shaken by her screaming of: TIUNIAMAGEHCHAUHAI!! =.=" ya. she really do that. no joke! or she will suddenly burst out into a very loud extremely fake and insincere laughter. so loud that we have to ask her to tone down. really. but the bosses love her. she is very aggressive and able to secure a few sales in freight. recently, she sent an email to all of us thanking bosses to give her the opportunity to take over my trucking sales. there wasnt any announcement made by the bosses. her email took me by surprised and i felt threatenned (i m only human, ok?). but i ignored her email coz i was waiting for the bosses to tell me what happened. which the bosses did not bother to clarify nor reply her email. we just let it slide. then she did something really stupid. she took it upon herself to quote customer. underquote customer. i told her we are not making money. she asked me to refer to the bosses. when i tried to explain to her, she asked me to refer to the bosses. fine. so i asked the bosses. and they give me the impression that they have an impression that it's a small cargo and that the bitch was overquoting customer. i tried explaining and they didnt want to listen. so i let it slide. i felt that there was no point to pursue further. but at the same time, i was pissed. so i grumbled to my team mate. the bitch heard it and came over to me and screamed at me. which obviously pisses me off. so i shouted back and tell her dont think just because she shout at me, i will be scared of her. i dont take this kind of nonsense. i told 5cm to be my witness, i was being screamed at unprovoked. 5cm said ok. i left the office on the dot coz i really couldnt take it anymore. 5cm and the bitch stayed back in the office until 11pm. when i logged in to msn at night at around 9something 10something, the bitch started another round of picking a fight with me. really. literally scolding me on msn. i ignored her. but my mood was already really bad. the next day, we were called for a meeting by the lady boss. when i enter the conference room, my assistant, lady boss and the bitch were in the room. i sat down still feeling pissed. and the bitch started her speech like this:

"Big Cow, 1st of all, i am really sorry for screaming at you over the mistakes that you have done"

i went... W.T.F????


where did that come from??? i shuddup. wanting to see what she want to say further.

she went on : "I know i screamed 1st, and i m in the wrong. You should accept my apologies"

i kept quiet.

she went on: "We are afteral doing our part as an employee of this company, we want what's best for the company and the bosses"

i kept quiet.

Lady boss interrupted : "Big cow, can you please be gracious and accept her apologies???"

i lost my cool : "MY MISTAKE??? what did i do wrong? For guiding her that she underquote customer is MY MISTAKE???"

Lady boss : "I am not taking sides here, but Ms PA is not wrong, you are wrong"

Me: So by quoting customer a 40 footer load at the price of a 20 footer price is correct?

Lady boss: that's besides the point.

Me: that is the whole point from beginning to the end!

Lady boss: you need to check your attitude.

Me: i shall not say anything further.

When lady boss was not looking, Ms PA gave me a smirk. yes, a smirk.

Then Ms PA using her sad pathetic tone and tell Lady Boss she will not talk to me anything else besides work from now onwards. funny, i've never talk to her any other things besides work. coz i dont believe in mixing pleasure with business. not with people i dont trust. So ya, in bosses eye, i m the bad one. To make the matter worst, 5cm joined the meeting and sided Ms PA. great hor?

anyway, after the incident, we have not talk to each other except when she command me to do somethings. which i will do if it's within my jobscope which usually is la. this went on peacefully for about almost 2 weeks. when suddenly big boss called me into the room and scolded me about my attitude. apparently Ms PA complained to Big Boss the previous day that she cannot work with me anymore. like W.T.F??? i really didnt do anything! really!!!! i jump into yellow river also cannot wash off this accusations. =.="


The New Finance Manager. She is just really stupid. She must be one of the stupidest villain ever. Like Dr Evil of Austin Powers. :D i dont know where to start with her. she has stabbed me so many times which fails every single fucking times and it makes her look so damn stupid and yet she still do it and bosses are still protecting her. sigh. ya, she was the one who framed me for making her assistance fired. when she was the one who fired her.

The latest incident was about a week ago. i have been helping Finance dept in doing some of their work for the past few months coz they are short of staffs and coz i have no life, i can stay back and clear for them. of coz this is by the instructions of the bosses la. i honestly didnt mind. then these few weeks, our business picked up by 25% suddenly. that's a lot. really alot. and i began to be drowning in work. and i didnt even have time to touch finance's job. then last week, that NFM summoned 5cm into her room to tell him that they are very free coz all the paperworks are stuck at my end and they have nothing to do. 5cm came over and sounded me. i asked him, which part of me look like i m free to do Finance's work now? So i went into Finance's room and told them, if they are so free, please take back their work. NFM say, no dont want. which pisses me off. but no, i didnt want to make a scene. so i took a few days to clear off the paperworks. and hand over a mountain to them.

NFM wasnt a happy camper coz suddenly they are loaded with waaaaay too much work and they couldnt cope anymore. and she went into boss's office to complain yesterday. boss summoned my assistant and i and lady boss into his room.

and i got another round of scolding. it's always my faults, it seems. i have reach to a point of given up. i didnt bother to defend myself anymore. coz i dont see a point at all. his mind has already set that i m what he think i am. and if i try to justify myself, it will just sound like an excuse to him. so why bother?

so he went on and on about how i m pulling the company down by not voicing out that i cannot cope with my work. and if i dont ask for help, no one will know i cannot cope. he conveniently forgotten i told him a few times, and he told me off that i need to make it work and dont tell him my problem. ok. fine. after his endless barrage of scoldings, NFM voiced out : Since Big Cow cannot cope, i think it's best Finance take back the Finance work

wow. who told me she dont want to take back?

then boss scolded me again. saying : See! if you bother to ask them to take back, they will take back!

i lost my cool again. and i said this:

Last week, Finance told us they are very free and dont know what to do coz the paperworks are still at my end....


Me: wait... dont interrupt me. lemme say my piece. so they told us they are very free and i approached NFM to help take back their job. and she told me she dont want to. not cannot take back, but dont want to take back. so, before you come shouting and scolding me, can you please get the facts right??


NFM: oh, i thought she was only joking!

o.O right. joking. with muka cibai. right.

then boss went on a tirade of how he is not happy with the office politics (boss is one of the biggest player in actual fact) and he brought up another incident.

NFM earlier that day replied an email to customer telling customer that the documents the customer wanted is with my department. She copied boss in (when the original emails do not have boss's email address). My assistant, being blur, went around like a headless chicken looking for the documents. after letting her frantically looking for it for 15mins, i asked her if she knws what she is doing. and she say she cannot find the documents. i told her, always check our system and records 1st before finding the physical. checked in the system shows that the job has already been completed, meaning to say, the chances of us handing over the docs to Finance is very high. check on our handover records, the documents was indeed handed over to Finance a week ago. so she intercom NFM and told her. and i told her to reply the email since boss is already copied in the email and i seriously do not want boss to continue having the impression that we are fucked up department. she was hesitant. so i replied NFM : docs already handed over to Finance on 15/4/2011 pls check properly.

my assistant, didnt see my email, sent similar email to Finance about 30mins later.

then Finger became the hero of the day, emailed as well: system shows everything completed. documents are with finance.

Boss was not happy. Boss accused my department of politicking. o.O but.... but........ it wasnt us who added his email address in the loop!!

so ya.... i've given up. i dont wanna play politics. not fun one. i wanted to defend my department. but i m being labeled as the bad one.

why? coz i am not one who suck up to bosses. i dont believe in that. and honestly, at this rate this is going, i am seriously not suitable to work here.


  1. Your boss should seriously read your post to know what is wrong in his company.

  2. sometimes, letting go is the best solution if you can't think of a way out. sometimes... well, most times at an office's politic, to continue barking at an old mountain won't move it. it is not a matter of failure, it is a matter of keeping your sanity intact and find your rice bowl elsewhere and make yourself happier. you owe yourself that much :-)

  3. Mun: nooooooooo.... too much personal stuffs in this blog for the colleagues to read ;)

    mudder: looking for a new job now!! :D