Monday, March 7, 2011

omg omg omg!! 5 more days till my short vacay!!! super happy wei!! :D

i think i can finish my project by this wednesday :D

weekend was ok. Left office around 1sh and went home to attempt to take a nap but ended up watching some movie and continue with the project. :D then just when i was about to fall asleep, abang sms-ed me to tell me that linda and gang is leaving 1u to his place. so i quickly went out and reached abang's place damn early :D the kids are sick. :( anyway, i enjoyed teaching and playing with Mika and Chanel la :D and they are so sweet together! keep on hugging and kissing each other (ok la, we adults prompted that... but still! so sweet!!! :D). Went to Lok Lok St at Puchong for dinner with them and then left.

reached home, feels like drinking but tak dapat any kaki... le sigh.... so i continue to be a good girl by continuing with the project :D will post the pic up in due time (i hope i remember tho... :P)

sunday was a very lazy one. i know my groceries shopping is long overdue but i just couldnt find the motivation to do it.... imagine the crowds! omg! i hate crowds! so anyway, after lazing on the bed for almost half a day, i've decided to do it once and for all. my mind keep on nagging me to settle my summons... but aih... very the lazy leh! i hope my dad is doing it for me in kluang today tho :P... anyway, went over to Mydin to get my stuffs only to find out they have ran outta a lot things i needed (coz stock take this Tues). so i've decided to go over to Tesco Extra near the Shah Alam stadium. Right after i left Mydin, small cow called me to makan. good idea also... i havent had anything since the night before at Lok Lok St. Went over to her Subang's house to pick her up and then we went over to Nirvana at USJ9 for banana leaf rice. omg. sibeh kenyang wei! i dont know about her, but that was the only meal i had yesterday. even at 11pm at night, i still felt super full! =.=" after the meal, we went back to her Subang home to look at the renovation. Damn nice! i can imagine how cozy her room will be and i am sooooo gonna invite myself over! :P anyway, after borak borak some and seeing her ah ma's happy face seeing me, i bid them goodbye to continue with my grocery shopping. got everything i want and some more, went back and relax a bit. i couldnt believe i actually managed to lugged 2 huge big recycled grocery bags up 3 storeys :D after putting everything away, i started with another movie and my project (yea, i need to multitask one... :D). i m really excited to see the end result of the project :D

oh yea, i forgotten to whip out my camera to take pictures of mika and chanel =.="

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