Thursday, March 3, 2011

My kong kong, Mr. AKA

Kong kong is hospitalized again. Dad being dad doesn't seems to worry. Asked if we are suppose to standby to go back, and he said it's not necessary. But from what he described kong kong's conditions, it sounds pretty disturbing. As i said it many times, i hope kong kong will leave in peace soon coz he has suffered way too long! :-( he'll be at a much better place when he's gone. He'll have all the tiger beers he want and all the *insert cigarettes name here coz i don't remember what brand he smokes anymore* he wants and he'll be agile all over again! :-) he will also get all the soft porns he want! :-p that's what i think his heaven will be ;-) at this point of time, i don't think i will cry much or at all if he really leave us. I think i will be very happy and relieved that his sufferings are over. The only foreseen reason i'll shed tears is if i see any of the aunties, uncles, karchengs or popo cry! Crying is after all contagious ma :-p

kong kong, i love you so much, i hope you'll find peace and leave for a better place soon. It's really heart breaking to see you lying there waiting for your time :( and i m truly sorry for fighting with u last time. I m a spoilt brat. :( i will always treasure my childhood memories of u bringing me out to buy ice cream for me and the rest of the karchengs :-) or how u pretend to scold us and turn around to snickers (yes, kong kong, us karchengs knows ;-)) thinking we are really afraid of u. I also remember how u made the effort to try to remember all your grandchildren birthdays by grilling me (i only got about 3 out of 13 correct :-p) so that u can mark it down in that little pocket diary of yours, wanting to get us birthday cards, unfortunately before you could do that, u had your stroke :( i'll remember all the littlest things you've done for us grandchildren and i'll always treasure it in my heart.

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