Friday, March 4, 2011

Bone & Pot - steamboat for the rich

So i dragged Minger out for dinner the other day.... erm... i think it was Wednesday?

I've always wanted to try Bone & Pot after seeing so many pictures of it. Minger says it looks expensive. I asked her how expensive can steamboat be? Apparently very =.=" I've budgetted RM150.00 for that meal (ya, was in the mood of splurging - dont judge!) and i needed to feel happy :D and eating good food makes me happy :D

So anyway, we started to take pictures when we first arrive - dengan suaku-nya :D new place ma :D

This is before we actually opened the menu....when we opened the menu, our eyes almost popped up... wah... soup also chargeable! maybe it's norm in these kinda high class steamboat restaurant la... but the normal low class steamboat restaurant that i go to hor, wont charge me for the soup one leh.... some more it's equally yummy! anyway, i digress, we ordered the Signature soup at RM15.00

nah... this is the signature soup. and yes, it comes with 2 jagungs, a lot of spring onions, 4 big slices of radish and 2 huge pork bones :D

(from top left clockwise) fried garlic, some oily sambal, sambal belacan, super hot chili and fuyu (some fermented bean paste i think)

Then came the sauces. Ok la... i was kinda pleased with so many choices.... until i tried all of them. only 2 is nice =.=" aih... nevermind nevermind, at least still got nice chili sauce to go with my steamboat :D to me, chili sauce is one of the most important ingredients in steamboat :D

Then we started to discuss what to eat. Minger is a sucker for pork balls and any processed meat :D and i am a sucker for anything that goes well with my choice of chili (told you i m chili crazy ;)) :D

Being super hungry that we were, we decided to order the signature golden tofu. it looks like the tofu that i had at Boon Tong Kee chicken rice at Balestier Road (Singapore) recently and i remember loving it a hell lot! especially when dipped with mayonnaise! But this one is slightly different la...

the flour that coated the tofu has sesame seed (which i like) but it's a tad too thick. if it's thinner, it'll be yummier. Unlike BTK's version, this place serves the tofu with sweet Thai chili sauce... ok ok la... i still prefer BTK's version much better :D

Whilst stuffing our face with these tofu, we were wondering how long does it take for them to bring us 2 glasses of iced filtered water (RM 1.00 per glass and not refillable! must be Coway =.=")? We needed to remind them a couple of times and when the 2 glasses arrived, it was room temperature! so we sent it back and it took them some time to bring it back to us. i guess they needed to travel to Antarctica to get ice or something =.="

(clockwise from top) Deep fried yam (mine! :D minger not a fan of yam :D), taupok stuffed with minced pork, some weird ass crispy cheesy sausage, taiwanese pork balls, enoki mushrooms wrapped with bacon, sliced pork.

(clockwise) Spinach (so that we can pretend that we have a balanced diet), mushroom pork balls (i told you minger is sucker for pork balls, right? ;)), sui kao, sotong noodles & fake sliced abalone.

Oh yea, it's only the 2 of us, and yes, we ordered waaaaayyy too much :P anyway, honestly speaking, this place is nothing to shout about. the soup was really mediocre. the food was really fresh though. and the sui kao has visible prawns in it, the rest of the ingredients are pretty normal and standard lor... as both minger and i agree, this is really not our pot of steamboat. The total damage came up to almost RM130.00. ya... that much.... if we go Kepong steamboat, the bill will be half of it =.=" And the service is really bad la... really really really bad. The staffs do not have eye contact with the customers, and it's really hard to get the waiter/waitress attentions although they are just standing there doing NOTHING. really NOTHING! not even talking amongst themselves. just. NOTHING!! and they dont pay attention to what the customers are requesting. We re-ordered 2 more glasses of iced filtered water, the waiter served 1 with a straw. then we told him we wanted 2. and the next one came without straw (the 1st 2 also no straws). both minger and i looked at each other, shakes our heads and burst into laughter =.=" oi! be consistence with your service can or not???

To end the night, we went over to our neighbourhood froyo joint to make me happy :D

Lesson learned that night:

1. We have experienced how rich people eat their steamboat and it's not our pot of soup! gimme kepong steamboat anytime wei! :D

2. Froyo makes me happy :D

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