Thursday, March 3, 2011

hmm... that was really jon-ifer-jon i saw the other day.... been 5-6yrs since i last saw him :)

i do missed my drug addict days sometimes. the bonding of highness we had was pretty entertaining....

i think that old man is right. i m really a free spirit.. i am attracted to anything that makes me laugh and non binding.... :D

on a slightly more serious note, i m gonna lose my free time for the next few weeks alre *sobs* why? coz another invoicing staff left again. and i m suppose to help out to generate invoice. fuckity fuck =.=" told the lady boss i can only start helping when my monthly reports to the oh so many customers is done.

but sometimes i feel like the bosses are really taking me for granted. this time round, they just commanded me to do it. not even asking me to help. i really need to negotiate my pay with them soon la!

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