Friday, February 18, 2011


.... just wanted to shout out to my buddy and remind him that he is 9 months older than me so no matter how aunty i become, i can never catch up with him age wise! :P

on a tad serious note, thank you for coming into my life la :D i still adamantly think that you are one person i can trust 100%, that's why i can tell you so much things about me without much censorship :D i dont know why i think you are that trustworthy la. since we honestly do not know each other that long and well. i just feel it in my bone :D so ya, thank you :D And may you have a great birthday today! :D


anyway, met up with him last nite for dinner and then proceeded over to his place. i sort of invited myself la... coz i wanna see his ultra cool tatami bed :D got lights at the bottom one!!!! :D his house is seriously really nice and tastefully done up :D this fella got taste wei! :D we had a couple of bottles of red wine and next thing i know, it was 3am alre... we talked a hell of a lot. and it was really nice :D i m actually damn stoned now :D

work wise in office, same old same old. someone is trying to instigate and ignite my flame over the past issues. but i m just too stoned and sleepy to bother :D

oh oh.... going to Phuket end of April with my company. damn excited! and then in June, i will be going over to Aunty Ruby's again. super excited too!!! :D now if only i can plan for something short next month and i will be a very happy cow :D if i every strike lottery, i will quit my job and be a beach bum in jamaica smoking weed and waste my life away... :P As ShinyHappyDude say, i m too free spirited to be tied down. :D but i always tell him, maybe i havent found a reason or a person to really make me wish to get tied down? :D

as u can see, my thoughts are really getting erratic. i should just shuddup and end it here la.... have a great weekend peeps :D

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