Friday, May 7, 2010

Dim Sum @ Sg. Buloh

As usual, no pictures la... i m such a lazy blogger i tell ya! :D

The place's name is Kong Mah you can see the pic and review here and here

i was kinda disappointed that i tak dapat whack my all time favourite, har gow, coz it's sold out :( but i found another all time favourite last nite :D it's something like har gow with orangy skin and it's filled with prawns and scallops. yes! scallops! it was so good that we re-ordered that. oh oh... you all can order whatever dim sum that has prawns coz their prawns damn fresh and succulent... i wish i was high on weed. at least then i can whack more :P

5cm was making a joke last nite, telling the ppl at Kong Mah that we just got released from the prison (apparently it's near the prison - but i am not sure if it's true coz i remember the prison is further up somemore) coz we seriously ordered damn alot. we had a total of 5 empty baskets, 10 small silver plates, 3 medium silver plates, 2 big silver plates, 2 small pink plates and 4 big pink plates... oh and 2 gui lin kao....and the total bill came up to RM84.40 by the time i went into the car, i almost comatose from too much food and the way Finger drove, i almost vomited in his car :P

5cm and i agree, we can swear off dim sum for the next few months... (yea right... i m a sucker for dim sum and food on a stick.... *look at Minger/LM/Small Cow* let's plan to go again... sometime next week? :P)

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