Friday, May 7, 2010

this is the story of a lazy fucker....

the warehouse staff in my office pissed me off huge time just now for his blatant laziness. what happened is, we noticed one of the pallets of goods are dented (thank goodness it wasnt damage!) and since we already noticed it's dented, we wanted it to repacked to another pallet coz imagine if you are a customer, u received dented goods, will u make noise? sure will one mah... even if nothing is damage! then the warehouse staff started to really throw tantrum telling Finger and I off saying that if we want to repack, wait till after 2.30pm. he is busy now. see, on normal days, i will just let him off. but cannot this time coz the goods is with the outstation driver who hasnt sleep since yesterday morning and he wanted to faster deliver faster go home and sleep. kesian him a bit la... but no, that lazy warehouse guy just refused to budge. so i told him, fine, step aside. I will get Finger to driver the fork lift to unload from the truck and i will repack it myself. the lazy fucker stomped away sulking. Finger told me dont do it. go up and discuss other alternatives. i told him fine, check where are the local drivers, see who can do this delivery in the afternoon (so that the outstation driver can go home and sleep) and i will call the customer to cook up story that the truck has been delayed at customs or something. so we came up. big boss asked for the status. i told him the truth and he got pissed. the company pay the warehouse staff to do what? sit around and smoke issit?? 5cm came into the picture. he told me, he will go down and pack it himself and the warehouse staff will automatically do it. coz the warehouse staff will be thinking, oh noes! the operation manager is doing my job! i am gonna get sacked soon! very good tactics :D i went to the back window and see, true enough, the lazy fucker happily joking with 5cm sambil repacked the pallet! niama! such an apple polisher! try and throw tantrum at 5cm la. 5cm is known to beat up a few drivers before (yes, he is very ganas one... but not much grey matters up there. but no, i've not seen him do that before)

ooooh.... 5cm just updated me... apparently, the lazy fucker actually made up story to 5cm. he told 5cm that he memang wanna repack the pallet and change but we did not action on it. wow. great. i told 5cm to think about it and see which is more logical. if the lazy fucker wanna do it in the 1st place, will i offer to even help?

simple minded and lazy ppl are just very bad liars

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