Monday, April 26, 2010

Yet another reply to the FB thread

Gonna make this short (i hope!). 1) ash posted my blog entry into the fb thread 1st. So i don't see anything wrong by giving the link. Wanna blame, go blame ash. 2) small cow stated quite clearly she has wash her hands off this drama, so stop dragging her in by sending a long winded flowery and full of distorted truth message when the contents were intended for me. 3) as far as i know only u n ash reads this rubbish of a blog regularly so i don't see it as humiliating. As mentioned in point 1, ash highlighted this rubbish blog to the rest. Not me. Or r u too busy listening to ur own thoughts to be clouded by this fact?! 4) also as mentioned in my previous entry, i seriously really don't give a flying fuck about what u all think of me and i certainly do not need acceptance from u ppl, so please la, u may come down from your high horse alre. THE END

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