Saturday, April 24, 2010

in reply to ash's thread in FB

ok, apparently my previous entry got terasa by someone whom the post i wasnt intended to. and she actually post it (part of it) up in the FB thread and more drama happened.

Ash, no, the post wasnt even meant for you. Neither was it meant for Abbie. It was meant for Nicole.

there. i said it out loud. i boh song with her. She always want to have her last say in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING!

Like for example, when small cow posted her FB status long time ago about our impending Cherating trip, Nicole NEED to throw in wet blanket on the enthusiasm by saying shit about expensive hotel and dirty beach. It actually show that she dont respect Small Cow's decision making. Like Small Cow's plan is not good enough or something. and the best part of it all is, DID WE ASK HER OPINION AH???

As it turn out, Auntie Ruby's is not only affordable, the beach is fucking clean and the ppl are damn nice. this proves something, aint it? Nicole always talk when she dont know much about the things she is talking about!

And no, i m not "afraid of direct confrontation that's why i m blogging instead of replying the thread" - since i know u all read my blog anyway. if i m afraid, i wont even fucking blog it, ok?? And no, i do not need to be accepted by you all coz if i really want or wish to be accepted by you all, i will be more rakus in going out with you all. and who the fuck do you think you are that you think i want/need to be accepted by you?? what a joke. as you said, you read my blog regularly you would've known by now i hate human on the whole and i prefer to be alone or with a few close friends. and no, sorry la ha, you guys are not in my list. i tag along with small cow to meet you all because i give small cow face. of all the ppl in this group, i only really like Abbie, Daph and Nikkie (Nikkie for her brutal honesty). For the rest, i was more of a neutral - even you, ash, i was neutral towards you. It's Nicole i cant stand. And i did mentioned that to you before via Twitter.

the main reason i m blogging it out is coz every single time i blog, i will write it on note pad first and then stop a bit to WORK and then continue. When minimize on my tray, my boss will not question much. IF i open my FB and minimize, my boss who walks around all the time will see it - you see, i am one of those unfortunate soul who cant surf FB openly at work coz my Boss thinks that when he give me my monthly salary, he expect me to work and not surf FB. geddit? i dont even know why the fuck do i need to justify to u all at all.

conclusion is, Nicole is the fucking wet blanket every single fucking time. happy now? good? now, if you cant stand me, just fuck off from my life :D

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