Monday, April 26, 2010

This weekend has been a very eventful one. 2 sillies making a fool out of themselves entertaining donny and i. We were laughing n bitching n it was pretty fun :-) anyway, besides that, i had the extreme pleasure of cooking and dinner for both nights. Tonight's cooking is my proudest coz i managed to replicate popo's chili fish recipe 100% :-) but i think i managed to make small cow hate me for the rest of my life :-p it's as spicy as popo's recipe. :-p i guess if i m ever allowed to cook this dish again, i will have to twist it a bit by adding more sugar n less chilli ;-) when i was cooking that dish just now, i was damn tempted to add more chilli padi but i didn't wanna murder small cow :-p i wonder how is she now?

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